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AI data series new products are released to accelerate the intelligent upgrading of thousands of industries

today, Huawei cloud techwave Global Technology Summit (artificial intelligence data) was held in Shanghai, with the theme of innovation and inclusive benefits, to share technological innovation and industry practice. Huawei cloud has invested heavily in the field of data and artificial intelligence, released new data and AI series, and accelerated the intelligent upgrading of thousands of industries

Shi Jilin, vice president of Huawei cloud Bu and President of global marketing and sales services, said:

the three keys for enterprises to achieve full cloud and full stack intelligence are:

first, comprehensively embrace cloud nativity, accelerate cloud innovation, and create a base for enterprise digital transformation and intelligent upgrading

second, around the technological innovation of the whole life cycle of data, stimulate the potential of data and make data a new factor of production

third, release AI productivity, enable full business and whole process innovation, and build the core competence of enterprise intelligence upgrading

Shi Jilin, vice president of Huawei cloud Bu and President of global marketing and sales services, delivered a speech

this year, Huawei cloud's ability to upgrade again and put forward the cloud cloud collaboration strategy. Huawei cloud and Huawei terminal cloud are in-depth collaboration in both capabilities and ecology, providing customers and partners with unified services and experiences, including unified account, payment, audio, video, maps, advertising and other open capabilities, as well as unified development platform, Unify application distribution and operation services, realize the full ecological integration of to B and to C, and create greater value

at the meeting, Huawei cloud released the 618 year zhongjuhui activity, gathered more than 100 cloud products, provided 100 million yuan of cloud subsidies, focused on the four scenarios of ERP cloud, enterprise start-up, enterprise office and enterprise going to sea, and provided rights and interests such as free trial for start-ups, with a maximum profit of 90% from basic resources to enterprise applications

fully embracing cloud Nativity creates a solid foundation and strong driving force for innovation

enterprises fully embracing cloud Nativity can create a solid foundation and provide strong driving force for innovation. Huawei cloud strives to create a cloud native infrastructure with extreme experience, realize the transformation from resource-based to application-based, and rely on the distributed Cloud Architecture to extend services to the places where business needs, so as to provide flexible, agile, intelligent and relatively expansive cloud native architecture and cloud services for enterprise business innovation. At present, 80% of China's Top50 Internet enterprises have chosen Huawei cloud's cloud native solution

zhuhaipei, head of Huawei's Cloud Architecture and technology planning department, said that Huawei cloud builds a full range of cloud native products based on two important architecture principles, and brings the full stack of cloud native technologies to all digital enterprises: first, the unified architecture and experience of cloud make the cloud everywhere; Second, data driven, full stack AI makes intelligence omnipresent

Huawei cloud's full range of cloud native products have three core advantages: first, software and hardware collaboration to provide high-performance services; Second, intelligent scheduling to quickly match the best resources; Third, Huawei cloud provides professional services to help enterprises smoothly evolve to the cloud native architecture. It can realize application microservicing without modifying the business code, and realize large-scale data migration, cut-off service and business interruption

realize data-driven decision-making around the continuous innovation of technology in the whole life cycle of data

data, as a core production factor, plays a vital role in the process of building competitive advantage for enterprises. 6. End of experiment. Huawei cloud puts forward the design concept of digits in the field of data. Its goal is to build a cloud native data platform around the whole life cycle of data, realize data integration, unified governance and intelligence, enable users to search discovery based on trusted data, drive business decisions, and stimulate data potential

based on the concept of digits, Huawei cloud data enables Dayu to provide a one-stop solution around the full life cycle of data, realizing end-to-end full life cycle data management from consulting to implementation to technical platform

Huawei cloud fusioninsight intelligent data Lake provides a data base integrating lake and warehouse, including serverless data Lake exploration DLI, unified data platform Mrs, fiber reinforced composite solutions ready for mass production from concept to data warehouse DWS, data Lake Management Center DGC, trusted Intelligent Computing Cloud Service tics, etc. Through the unified data storage of the underlying OBS, there is no need to relocate the global data; A platform with multiple engines supports batch processing, stream processing, interactive query, etc; Metadata is managed in a unified way, with a global view, which manages data like management code

at the summit, Huawei cloud announced that new data products such as cloud native data Lake serverless data Lake exploration DLI, cloud native data Lake unified data platform Mrs, real-time data warehouse gaussdb (DWS), financial level distributed cloud native database gaussdb (for opengauss) were officially commercialized on a large scale

Ye Yu, deputy general manager of the R & D Department of the Pacific Property Insurance Information Technology Center, said that new technologies such as cloud computing, AI and big data are promoting the transformation and remodeling of Pacific Property insurance business products, improving the risk management capabilities of Southeast University of Jingshan, Shandong University of science and technology and scientific research institutes, such as close cooperation in risk control, personal risk control, anti fraud and so on, and supporting the construction of Pacific Property Insurance Risk ecosystem

Tang Yuezhong, deputy chief engineer and director of the interconnection Department of Shanghai electric power company, said,

we take urban energy interconnection as the core, build an energy ecosystem based on Huawei cloud stack technology scheme, carry out enterprise resumption and production analysis for industrial and commercial users in the city, and build a smart supply chain; Through the platform, connect with the government services of Shanghai, such as one connection, one unified management, and realize the online processing of the whole process of power business; Based on the mid tier capabilities of enterprises, carry out cloud native service innovation to improve user experience with accurate portraits; At the same time, through data enabling, an intelligent multi-dimensional lean management system has been built within the company

Feng Hao, partner of PWC China digital service management consulting, said that data capitalization is a general trend of the data industry facing the future. In May this year, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Huawei cloud established a joint business unit to closely integrate Huawei cloud data enabled Dayu with the data governance framework of PricewaterhouseCoopers, give play to the advantages of both sides in cloud infrastructure and consulting services, and continue to provide value for enterprises, government agencies and society to grasp the opportunities of data capitalization

ai industrial development drives whole process business innovation

the core of digital and intelligent AI enterprises, the unified management and intelligent operation of data will also better release AI productivity and enable full business and whole process innovation

in the field of AI, Huawei cloud continues to upgrade the one-stop AI development platform modelarts, strengthens the application of technologies such as knowledge computing, graph engine, multimodality, and end cloud collaboration, and has created a Pangu AI big model with a large amount of industry knowledge and data, creating a new paradigm of industrial AI development and promoting the rapid landing of the AI industry

at the summit, Huawei cloud released an intelligent process robot scheme, which combines robot process automation (RPA) with artificial intelligence (AI), which can realize the automation of complex business processes such as finance, taxation, it, commerce, procurement, HR, project management, salary management, and help enterprises build Ai digital employees. Softcom power applied the Huawei cloud intelligent process robot scheme to carry out the practice of enterprise operation intellectualization. In 2020, it processed 2million + documents, which increased the efficiency by 6.5 times and saved about 8.8 million yuan per year

Huawei cloud has released the urban intelligence hub. By creating an urban AI development and operation platform, it provides three engines: global perception engine, knowledge computing engine and robot engine, so as to realize cross modal, cross departmental collaboration and global accurate perception of urban conditions, and help realize intelligent urban governance and accurate services

zhaomingming, vice president of digital connect, said that

Digital connect and Huawei cloud jointly build 12345 government intelligent sensing platform, unified management of urban operation, urban integrated management service platform, urban social governance and urban parking and other solutions to provide high-level services for the construction of smart cities

Huawei cloud adheres to technological innovation to benefit thousands of industries, helping enterprises achieve comprehensive cloud and full stack intelligence

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