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CMMB hard injury launch CMMB satellite plan is postponed indefinitely

CMMB handheld TV, which has been tested since 2008, has opened coverage networks in 307 cities across the country so far. The latest data shows that 22 provinces have fully opened CMMB, and a total of 108 cities have completed the requirements of in-depth coverage at this stage

however, due to the limitation of wireless frequency band and the number of base stations, the coverage of CMMB signal is still not ideal. At present, the focus of China Broadcasting in network coverage is to optimize the network on the basis of continuing to expand the coverage, in order to solve the problems of signal dead corners and indoor coverage within the coverage

it is understood that SARFT had previously planned to launch relevant satellites. In this plan, SARFT will launch high-power S-band satellites. CMMB nationwide signal coverage is achieved through satellite. The ground master mainly solves the signal coverage of indoor and dead corners. However, due to various reasons, the relevant departments have not approved this plan, and the plan to launch CMMB satellite has been postponed indefinitely

however, CMMB satellite coverage has been included in the five-year plan of China Broadcasting Corporation. In January this year, at the launching ceremony of "bright China" business, sun Zhaohui, general manager of China broadcasting, also said that in the next five years, China broadcasting will use satellite and terrestrial radio and television networks to achieve deep coverage of CMMB networks in all cities above the prefecture level in mainland China

in addition to the network coverage of domestic socket enterprises in order to improve the price competitiveness of products, CMMB provides users with relatively few optional contents. It is understood that at present, the small foot CMMB "Jingcai TV" business with strange shapes and other profiles only provides users with six sets of TV programs, including CCTV, CCTV-1, CCTV-5, Jingcai film, provincial satellite TV and local TV channels. The data broadcasting services of "Jingcai finance" and "Jingcai navigation" that are officially commercial from May 1 need to be paid separately

it is understood that "Jingcai navigation" business is based on CMMB network, which can send users real-time road conditions, flow information, waypoint information, etc. of urban traffic. The first batch of Jingcai navigation services will be commercially available in 11 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Kunming, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shenyang, Tianjin and Shenzhen

if the sealing gasket of the tension machine breaks, "Jingcai finance" business is based on the network of China Mobile, which can provide users with real-time and delayed market information of financial and financial markets such as stocks, foreign exchange, futures and gold. In addition, it can also provide various financial information, information, market analysis and other content at home and abroad. It is understood that the business operation based on td+cmmb terminal is completely operated by China Mobile

according to previous news, China Broadcasting Corporation plans to develop 10million CMMB users in 2010. In addition to the cooperation with China Mobile, the task of China broadcasting is still very serious due to network coverage and content construction. For this reason, China Broadcasting Corporation also launched the CMMB national tour of "hundreds of cities and thousands of stores" at the end of April to actively promote CMMB business. It is understood that the center distance of these holes is 3.2mmm. The second CMMB eye color terminal industry development forum held in Shenzhen on May 13 will also conduct in-depth discussion on the current situation and opportunities of CMMB industry development. Sohu it

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