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PKPM building water supply and drainage design software WPM introduction

key words: PKPM design software

wpm software is the water supply and drainage design software in PKPM series software. This module has complete functions, including the whole process of indoor water supply and drainage design. The design contents include: water supply, drainage, reclaimed water, rainwater, hot water, cooling water, steam, condensate, fire hydrant system, automatic sprinkler system and pump room design; Be able to complete the drawing of plane construction drawings, detailed drawings, legends, general instructions for design and construction, equipment and material lists, design calculations, drawing catalogs, etc. This module can share data with APM condition base map, and the program automatically generates condition base map

the building data can be read directly from the DWG drawing of AutoCAD to form the building model and condition base map available for WPM software

The biggest feature of PKPM series software is the integration of calculation and drawing. On this basis, WPM module also has a more powerful hydraulic calculation function. Based on the latest specifications, a program is written for hydraulic calculation. The calculation of sprinkler fire protection system is based on the latest fire protection code in 2001, which can not only quickly, correctly and accurately complete the design of water supply, drainage, reclaimed water, rainwater and hot water, cooling water, steam, condensate, fire hydrant system and automatic sprinkler system; It can also design and check the pipe diameter according to the flow or equivalent, and calculate the hydraulic loss of water points and pipelines. At the same time, users can intervene interactively in this process at any time, so that the whole design process can better meet the personal habits of different designers. When using this software, designers can deeply feel that WPM is a more humane architectural design software

in the WPM graphic design process, designers can feel that this software provides a convenient and fast connection piping method, which can complete the piping connection of faucets, sprinkler equipment, various valves, water tanks and other components in the hand room. The program can automatically extract the original data of water equipment from the design plan. When the export situation is in danger, the direct water supply, circulating hot water and drainage not only need to achieve the ideal use effect, but also the hydraulic calculation of the spraying system. The calculation results will also be returned to the plan at any time to facilitate the designer to check and change the design information. During the design process, users can sort out and print the original data and calculation results of hydraulic calculation at any time, which is convenient for users to review and proofread, and greatly reduces the possibility of errors caused by human factors in the design work. After the calculation, the program will also generate a rigorous and complete calculation sheet. All calculation programs of this software strictly comply with the latest national water supply and drainage design code, which makes the calculation results closer to the actual engineering requirements, and also provides a variety of adjustable coefficients for designers to flexibly adjust the calculation results. The software also has a full-automatic annotation function, and a simple and fast annotation method for pipe diameter, elevation, text, riser and medium flow direction. All design information, such as size, marking, pipe diameter, pipe category, riser number, etc., can be marked automatically

(click to download WPM water supply and drainage system diagram design). When using WPM for system diagram design. According to the pipelines and equipment drawn in the plan design, the program automatically, quickly and efficiently generates the axonometric drawing of the corresponding system. You can also continue to add various pipelines and equipment on the system diagram. The program also provides data checking function. If an error is found, the program will automatically detect the error and prompt the designer. In this process, users can also modify the system pipelines and equipment in the water supply and drainage design at any time. At the same time, the program will automatically draw the system schematic diagram according to the layout of the whole system, and can set and modify all relevant parameters. The above is the relevant description of where to distinguish the screw rod of the experimental machine from that of the heater heating on and off according to the electronic tension.

in the process of detailed drawing design, users can supplement the design of water supply and drainage systems, which is convenient for designers to debug repeatedly, so as to seek the best design scheme. Users can also automatically generate axonometric drawings of each system according to the program to check whether the pipeline design is correct or not. The program also provides automatic annotation function. At the same time, the intuitive layer management function makes the tedious and error prone detail design process more reliable and convenient. Click to download WPM water supply and drainage piping style drawing

in the design process of WPM pump house, users can complete the pump house design of the actual project according to the rich and perfect pump database of this software. Users can automatically select pumps according to the flow and lift, and then draw the basic drawing of the pump on the plan, and generate the pump house profile. Click to download WPM water supply and drainage material statistics

wpm will also automatically generate material statistical table and drawing catalogue according to plane construction drawings, system drawings and detailed drawings. Similarly, users can also edit the material statistics table, drawing catalogue table, etc. according to their personal habits

in general: WPM is another successful work in PKPM series software. It has flexible and convenient modification function and a high degree of automation. Friendly interface, at the same time, it provides good openness, simple and convenient operation. Moreover, WPM software also has strong fault tolerance, and can have self-protection function and modification function under wrong operation

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