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The kick-off meeting of the underground industrial test of the full face tunneling system was held

the kick-off meeting of the underground industrial test of the full face tunneling system was held

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the first domestic full face efficient tunneling machine independently developed by northern Heavy Industry Corporation has become the core technical equipment of the full face efficient tunneling system of Shendong company of Shenhua Group. On May 29, the underground industrial test kick-off meeting of "full face efficient tunneling system" was held in the mining area of Shendong company. Wang Xuemin, general manager of the group company, was invited to attend the meeting and delivered a speech. The main leaders attending the meeting included Fu Jianhua, deputy director general of the State Administration of work safety and director of the coal regulatory bureau, Li Dong, deputy general manager of Shenhua Group, Zhang Zifei, chairman of shenruo east company, and Wu Zhengde, general manager of China Coal Science and industry group

Wang Xuemin, general manager of the group company, said in his speech: the start of the industrial test of the full face high-efficiency roadheader marks that the rapid tunneling system is about to enter the underground test stage. Northern heavy industry will fully fulfill its commitments, vigorously strengthen technical support services, and do a good job in product test tracking and improvement. The whole group will work closely with Shendong company to provide a set of efficient and safe tunneling equipment for the coal mine to be installed on the side of the steel bar. After the kick-off meeting, general manager Wang Xuemin also made a special trip to visit our company's on-site technical service personnel, and encouraged everyone to overcome difficulties and difficulties, so as to ensure the success of the underground industrial test of products

starting from May 12, the three indexes of the full face high-efficiency TBM, such as the theme of China Securities new materials, will be released next month. The components will be delivered to the assembly site of Shendong company's "full face high-efficiency tunneling system" one after another. On May 28, the on-site assembly of the whole machine will be completed, and the ground joint simulation action commissioning and testing will be carried out with the rear supporting system. The disassembly and transportation before the entry test are being carried out, and the trial operation will be carried out in Daliuta coal mine of Shendong company. It is expected to complete the production test at the end of July

the full face high-efficiency roadheader, with a total weight of 295 tons and an installed power of 1809 kW, integrates the functions of full face continuous cutting technology, automatic positioning, wireless remote control technology, rapid shipping, airborne dust removal, airborne roof bolter, shunting and so on. It is the first full face high-efficiency roadheader developed in China, which is mainly used for cement pipes ≥ 10kn/㎡. It uses full face high-efficiency roadheader and supporting equipment to drive tunnels, The daily footage will exceed 150 meters, and the monthly footage will be more than 4000 meters. The roadway section will be shaped at one time, and the excavation and support will be synchronized and operated continuously, and the roadway forming speed will be more than doubled. The successful application of this innovative technology not only has completely independent intellectual property rights, but also changes the traditional tunneling technology, realizes rapid tunneling of coal roadway, remote control operation, improves the safety of operation, and can reach the international leading level in rapid construction technology and equipment technology

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