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Linghua Technology launched in line with PC/104

September 4, 2012, Beijing News. Linghua technology, a professional manufacturer of modular embedded computing platform, released the latest extreme rug additives of ampro by ADLINK Series in line with PC/104 plus specifications, including plasticizers, stabilizers, antioxidants, fillers and antistatic agents, lubricants, flame retardants, colorants and other GED strong core module 720 computers, as well as industrial readyboard 910 computers in line with epic specifications. Both are on-board SSD solid-state drives, which are suitable for applications in harsh environments, such as transportation, self-service information stations, digital electronic billboards and image monitoring systems

Jeff Munch, CTO of Linghua technology, said: Linghua technology is committed to cooperating with Intel to provide strong embedded design, high-performance processors and rich built-in i/o functions, which are suitable for the environment where severe extruders are critical processing equipment. As a leading manufacturer of industrial computers, Linghua technology strives to improve the standard of motherboard specifications to facilitate users to adopt and manufacture more innovative applications

Linghua technology coremodule 720 is equipped with Intel Atom e600t series processors with processing speed from 600MHz to 1.6GHz. It is used in the pc/104-plus stack architecture specification to meet customers' need to establish low-power solutions in harsh environments. Coremodule 72 enables more people to understand the important role of friction and wear testing machine. 0 provides PCI and ISA bus, 8GB industrial solid state disk welded on board, can bus, SATA, and supports diversified i/o devices. In addition, the coremodule 720 is equipped with DDR2 667/800 MHz industrial SDRAM memory with a capacity of up to 2GB, 24 bit LVDS and sdvo display. Its Intel eg20t chipset can support a wide range of i/o interfaces, such as USB, SATA, Ethernet, SDIO, serial and can buses. Coremodule 720 adopts 50% thickened PCB board, which can withstand high impact and vibration, and the working temperature is -40 ℃ to +85 ℃, which can adapt to the harsh environment

Linghua technology readyboard 910 is equipped with the 2nd generation Intel Core i7/i5/i3 processor or Intel Celeron processor (G2 slot), as well as Mobile Intel hm65 high-speed chipset, on-board SSD solid state disk, and a variety of i/o transmission interfaces, and conforms to epic specifications. Readyboard 910 supports three kinds of image output interfaces, including VGA, LVDS and DVI-D, and has two Ethernet ports, super speed USB3.0, mini PCIe slot and pci-104 expansion

the extreme rugged military wide temperature products of Linghua technology adopt the rugged by design design method, which are suitable for harsh and wide temperature operating environment and can withstand vibration, impact and high humidity; At the same time, it supports a wide temperature operation range from -40 ℃ to +85 ℃. The industrial industrial product series has also reached the middle zone between standard applications and applications in extremely harsh environments, and can operate in the temperature range of -20 ℃ to 70 ℃

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impact experiments on metal materials according to the national standard gb/t229 (2) 007 "metal Charpy pendulum impact test method"

Linghua technology is committed to the improvement and innovation of measurement, automation and computer communication technology, and provides solutions to global telecommunications, intelligent transportation and electronic manufacturing customers. With the dedication to professional technology and the self requirements of practicing customer commitments, the company has led the industry in launching a number of innovative products and obtained multiple certifications such as ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-13485, Taiwan boutique, TL9000, etc. Linghua technology is a member of Intel intelligent systems alliance, a member of PICMG Association who can participate in formulating specifications, a member of the board of directors and the highest level member of PXI systems alliance, a member of pc/104 Association who can participate in formulating specifications, and a member of axie alliance strategy. At present, it has subsidiaries in the United States, Singapore, China, Japan and Germany, and offices in India, South Korea, France and Israel to provide fast service and real-time support to local customers. Address:

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