The lamp of the road with muck piled on the hottes

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The street light of muck piled on the road is not on, and it is expected to resume lighting next week and report to the clearance and transportation of muck

multiattachph "> multiattachph"> multiattachph "> multiattachph"> recently, you "Xiyang explained that a.7 A.8 can share a set of metal plates" According to the report platform released to Yangzhou, there are a lot of muck in the motorway at the junction of the west side of Yunhe South Road and Dingxing road; The street lights from the groove of the fast track to Dingxing road are not on

[visit] after receiving the feedback from friends, I came to the west section of the intersection of Yunhe South Road and Dingxing road. At a glance, I saw a high pile of muck on the motorway, and piles of muck on the adjacent non motorway. There were wheel prints of large vehicles on the road. There is not only muck in this section of the road, but also construction waste for house decoration

at the scene, there is a construction team on the east side of Yunhe South Road. Asked the workers, the workers said that they didn't dump the muck, and they didn't see anyone pouring it during the day. It should be at night

[Department response, that is, the beams, columns and lateral force resistant components of the building are all made of hot-rolled or welded I-steel and concrete-filled steel tubes produced by the factory] yesterday morning, the street lights of this road section were fed back to the urban lighting management office. A staff member surnamed Hu replied that there was a problem with the street lights of this road section. Because some cables were stolen, it is necessary to lay lines at present, and it is expected to be completed next week to restore lighting. The staff of the Digital Urban Management Department replied that the situation of road debris would be reported to the clearing and transportation department

do it right away, Ma Yanjie intern Zhu Kang

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