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On November 14, 2015, China Building Materials Industry Press planned and invited Niu Xiao, an expert in fire-proof glass in China and President of Shanghai Xingsha Industry Co., Ltd., to preside over the preparation of China's leading reference book comprehensively introducing the preparation, installation, supervision, acceptance and other contents of fire-proof glass - "practical technology of fire-proof glass", which was prepared by China Building Materials Industry Press, The preparation kick-off meeting was successfully held in Shanghai

Niu Xiao, an expert in fire-proof glass in China and President of Shanghai Xingsha Industrial Co., Ltd., presided over the meeting

the meeting was presided over by Niu Xiao, President of China National Academy of building materials science, Xu Zhiwei, deputy general manager of Beijing hangbo New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Xiao Yang, manager of banyan fire-proof glass, he Churong, chairman of Shanghai Huijing Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd., and Zhang Yu, manager of Saint Gobain Glass Co., Ltd, Ji Yipu, general manager of Hebei Paige Glass Co., Ltd., Gao Yu, director of Beijing Jinjing green fire-proof glass Co., Ltd., Chen Wolin, general manager of Heshan Hengbao fire-proof glass factory Co., Ltd., Cheng Peng, deputy director of Zhengzhou Zhongyuan applied technology research and Development Co., Ltd., Yang Bo, deputy director of Wujiang King Kong Glass Technology Co., Ltd., Hu Shuangquan, manager and Liu Fei, manager of Evonik specialty chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Yan Youli, director of Shanghai Ruige decorative materials Co., Ltd., and other leading experts from more than ten excellent enterprises, as well as Yang Na from China Building Materials Industry Press, attended the meeting

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must require that the environmental conditions provided by the environmental experimental equipment are repeatable. At first, the purpose and significance of the book "practical technology of fire-proof glass gradually breaks through with batch production and large-scale difficulties" was planned by China building materials industry press according to the introduction of Yang Na; Subsequently, the participants spoke freely and expressed their views and suggestions on the fire-proof glass industry and its related upstream and downstream industries. Through this meeting, the participants made clear the division of work in preparation. This book will systematically introduce the development history, pretreatment process, production process, fire-proof glass system, design, supervision, acceptance and successful cases at home and abroad of fire-proof glass, striving to be comprehensive, systematic and practical. The first draft is scheduled to be completed by the end of January 2016. The book aims to provide reference for teachers and students in Colleges and universities engaged in building fire prevention work, fire-proof glass production enterprises, designers, real estate owners and colleges offering fire-proof glass and curtain wall courses. The project leader hired by the company is Tian Zixue, a representative director of MTDO company who starts from the design point of view to solve business problems for many enterprises. The new book will be presented to readers at the 14th Beijing doors, windows and curtain walls Expo in November 2016. Please pay attention to the follow-up reports

group photo of leaders and experts participating in the compilation of this book

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