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Weiquan "reconstituted milk" label is suspected to be confused with the concept

after the State Council issued the notice on strengthening the production and management of liquid milk, Weiquan yogurt took the lead in labeling "reconstituted milk" on its packaging. However, yesterday, some consumers raised questions. Under the label of "reconstituted milk", the words "selected New Zealand high-quality milk" were printed, which confused the concept of reconstituted milk and milk, misleading consumers. In this regard, Hangzhou Weiquan Food Co., Ltd. explained that the label refers to the milk powder concentrated by New Zealand milk, which is not intended to confuse the concept. Weiquan yogurt will be fully replaced by a new bag of "selected New Zealand high-quality milk powder" at the end of November. I know that the fixture itself belongs to a locking mechanism

yesterday, a consumer complained to the morning post that the "reconstituted milk" label of Weiquan yogurt confused the concept of reconstituted milk and milk, misleading consumers. The careful consumer found that under the label of "reconstituted milk", Weiquan yogurt was printed with the words "selected New Zealand high-quality milk, healthy, pure and pollution-free". "Since it is reconstituted milk and milk powder is also marked in the ingredient list, it should be selected high-quality milk powder. How can the label be marked as selected milk? How can New Zealand imported milk be used as raw material for yogurt? Jinan Shiji Experimental Machine Technology Co., Ltd. suggests that you load it to a certain load." the consumer believes, "Such labeling confuses the concepts of reconstituted milk and milk, misleads consumers and violates consumers' right to know."

the supermarket investigation found that there are two versions of the "reconstituted milk" label of Weiquan yogurt. One is the transparent label attached to the package. These labels do mark "selected New Zealand high-quality milk". Recently, the original flavor and fruit and vegetable flavor yogurt are attached with this label; The other is the "reconstituted milk" label printed on the package, with "selected New Zealand high-quality milk powder" marked below. The aloe flavor recently produced is this new package

is the "reconstituted milk" marked by Weiquan yogurt a selected imported "milk" or "milk powder"? Wuxinling, product manager of Hangzhou Weiquan food company, said in an interview that Weiquan yogurt uses 100% imported milk powder from New Zealand, and the upper and lower ends are restrained by friction. At the beginning, due to the urgent time required by the national notice, Weiquan yogurt pasted the label of reconstituted milk on the old packaging in inventory. The so-called "selected New Zealand high-quality milk" refers to the milk powder condensed from New Zealand milk, Such labeling is not intended to confuse the concepts of milk and reconstituted milk. Later, after referring to relevant policies and regulations and communicating with relevant management departments, Weiquan changed this statement in the new packaging to "select New Zealand high-quality milk powder", "this is more direct and will not cause misunderstanding to consumers." Wu Xinling said that the new packaging of Weiquan yogurt will be completely replaced from the end of November to the beginning of December. It is reported that the notice of the general office of the State Council was issued on September 17, requiring that anyone who uses reconstituted milk in the production and processing of sterilized milk, yogurt and other products, regardless of the quantity, must clearly mark "reconstituted milk" on the main display surface of the product packaging and truthfully mark the proportion of reconstituted milk in the ingredients from October 15 this year. Under the "reconstituted milk" label of the two packages of Weiquan yogurt, there are "selected New Zealand high quality milk" and "selected New Zealand high quality milk powder" respectively

source: Oriental Morning Post

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