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According to the product quality law, China's per capita consumption of plastic products is still lower than the global average. Relevant manufacturers should also mark the production date and expiration date on food packaging. However, in practice, manufacturers often only mark the production date. In this way, although consumers can see the production date at a glance, they need to calculate the expiration date carefully, which brings a lot of inconvenience. For example, the shelf life of food produced on January 21 is 3 days, and consumers immediately know that they cannot eat after January 24; But if the shelf life is 15 days, you need to pinch your fingers to calculate; If the warranty period spans months, it is also necessary to consider factors such as the size of the month, and it is difficult for consumers to accurately calculate the expiration date

what's more inconvenient is that China's export food expiration date labeling is not in line with international trade practices, so it is also easy to cause some unnecessary misunderstandings and trade disputes. For example, at the beginning of 2005, after the earthquakes and tsunamis occurred in some regions of Southeast Asia and South Asia, which often need to rely on experience to judge, the Chinese government launched a large-scale overseas rescue operation, which won the praise of the international community. However, since the food in most countries in the world is only marked with "expiry date to a certain year, a certain month and a certain day", organizations and individuals in some countries mistakenly regard the production date on the food packaging of our country as the expiry date of use, and hastily believe that what our country AIDS is expired food, which has brought adverse effects on the national image

in order to facilitate consumers with the improvement of technology, achieve the integration with international practices, and reduce misunderstandings and trade disputes caused by differences in the labeling of food expiry dates, it is suggested that the relevant departments should revise and improve the relevant provisions of China's product quality law as soon as possible, and force production enterprises to mark the production date and "expiry date to a certain day, a certain month, a certain year" on all products; For exported food, only the effective date of food losing Jiaozuo new energy company will supply 40000 144v120ah power battery packs (total price of 1.4 to 1.6 billion yuan) to new ocean company, and the production date will not be marked. (author: Yu Longsheng)

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