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The labor union of Heli Co., Ltd. launched the "cool in summer" activity

the labor union of Heli Co., Ltd. launched the "cool in summer" activity

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on July 2, if the length of the exhibition was insufficient, the labor union of Anhui Heli Co., Ltd. launched the "care for workers · cool in summer with a few drops of oil lubrication season" in Heli Industrial Park in 2015. Li Jizhen, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the labor union of Anhui Forklift Group Company, and Guang Xiaoxiang, accompanied by the relevant person in charge of the labor union, went deep into the frontline of the directly affiliated business units, workshops, and departments to distribute heatstroke prevention and temperature reduction products

the labor union of Heli joint stock company launched the activity of "cooling off in summer"

the activity of cooling off in summer is an important part of the work of the labor union and has been highly valued by the leaders of the company. According to the requirements of the notice on carrying out the activity of "cooling off" in the summer of 2015 issued by Anhui Federation of trade unions, the trade union of the company has formulated a specific work plan, focusing on the implementation of lean improvement. First, take the initiative to send heatstroke prevention and cooling supplies to the front line, reduce the workload of each business division, and truly let employees feel the care of the company; Second, according to the reasonable suggestions of the staff, white sugar and other products are packaged and distributed according to the standard, so as to ensure safety and health, and also facilitate the production of drinks by the front-line units; Third, actively plan with the catering center in advance to deliver mung bean soup to the production line during the high temperature period

it is understood that this time, for the production front-line workers in the headquarters of Heli Industrial Park, a total of fruit treasures, plum blossom powder, sugar and other heatstroke prevention products with a total value of about 100000 yuan were distributed, which effectively ensured the accuracy of the experimental results; Desuperheating products

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