The label on the hottest Coca Cola bottle

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Coca Cola China disclosed that the labels of PVC beverage bottles will be completely discontinued for the full range of products sold in Chinese Mainland, and replaced by new environmentally friendly non PVC film labels. Bai Changbo, vice president of Coca Cola Greater China, who is participating in China's first international green innovation technology product exhibition in Guangzhou, said that since October 2011, PVC labels have been completely discontinued in Chinese Mainland because their improper disposal in the recycling process may have an impact on the environment

pvc is considered to be prone to produce toxic and harmful substances, one is monomolecular vinyl chloride that is not fully polymerized in the production process, and the other is harmful substances in plasticizers. These two substances are easy to release when encountering high temperature and grease, and toxic substances enter the human body with food, which is easy to cause cancer

it is understood that at present, the sales volume in the Chinese Mainland market is 3 In addition to the impact of the continuous climbing of the RMB exchange rate, the labels of the bottles installed with the samples are mostly PVC materials, rather than PET materials used for beverage bottles. Coca Cola China said it hoped that more enterprises would pay attention to packaging innovation and environmental protection and jointly promote the sustainable development of the entire beverage industry. At present, environmental friendly shrinkage labels such as pet shrinkage labels are advocated in China

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