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The labeling problem of bread food is prominent

from October 1 this year, the labels of all prepackaged food produced must comply with the provisions of the general principles for the labeling of prepackaged food (hereinafter referred to as the general principles) and the general principles for the labeling of prepackaged food for special meals

after visiting some shopping malls and supermarkets in Chengdu, we found that although the standardization of prepackaged food labels has generally started, there are still major problems in bread food


the date of bread shall be pasted with self-adhesive

[the general rules clearly stipulates that the date mark shall not be pasted, reprinted or tampered with separately.]

yesterday, when investigating several supermarkets and pastry shops in Chengdu, it was found that the ingredients, shelf life, hygiene license number and production date of bread with a relatively short shelf life were mostly pasted on the outer package of bread with self-adhesive. When I picked up a bag of bread of a certain brand and asked the salesperson why the information about bread was pasted with self-adhesive. The salesperson said she didn't know either

a consumer who was buying bread in the supermarket said, "the production date of bread is pasted with self-adhesive, which is easy to tear off and paste again. When I bought it, I paid great attention to see whether the price of steel and aluminum, which are important raw materials for cars, is rising. If the bread is soft enough, I'm afraid it's not the same day if it's hard."


stick stickers and other behaviors in a standardized manner

[it is allowed for some enterprises to extend the testing period of food labels in stock, such as air heating or lubricant sealing, but the deadline shall not exceed June 1, 2006.]

later, we learned from the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision that according to the newly implemented general principles, the practice of pasting the production date and other information of the product with self-adhesive is not allowed. After the research, the quality supervision department will begin to deploy this aspect. On November 14, the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission station announced the supervision and inspection of 870 enterprises participating in the peak staggering. Manufacturers that do not meet the requirements will be punished according to relevant regulations, so as to make food labels more standardized and let everyone buy safe food

it is learned that some enterprises have large label inventory. In order to reduce enterprise losses, the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision according to 3 The working frequency of the testing machine is not higher than 500 times/minute. After the approval of the pre packaged food labels that meet the original national standards, it is agreed that the use of the food labels in stock of some enterprises can be postponed, but the deadline for the extension of use shall not exceed June 1, 2006

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