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The large format paper printed by the printing machine must be folded to form products

folding is a necessary process in the printing industry. The large format paper printed by the printing machine must be folded to form products, such as newspapers, books, magazines, sample advertisements, etc. Folding is the process of folding the printed sheets into book stickers of book size according to the order of page numbers, or folding the large-scale printed sheets into a certain format according to the requirements. Folding technology is often called the hand that gives printing life in the industry

in life, we have seen such scenes: when we open our mailbox after work, we will see Mai Le send a promotional fold for ordering meals; On the shopping street, someone will send the leaflet of a commodity to you; On board "As long as plastic is mixed into domestic garbage dumps and hotels, palm sized folding maps will be placed in a conspicuous position for customers to choose; on the service desk of the China Art Museum, there are piles of instruction leaflets introducing the exhibition; when you open the instruction manual of electronic products, you will find that it is printed in the form of folding. The tasteless and different forms of publicity folding you see have long been ignored in people's lives, and it reflects not only Publicity folding has penetrated into modern people's life and work, and also reflects the improvement of the current post press processing technology folding technology

instead of "paper plastic" composite folding, there are two methods of manual folding and machine folding. Large format printing sheets printed on single sheet paper need to be manually or folded to become book stickers. There is a special folding mechanism on the web book and periodical rotary printing machine, so the printing folding is completed continuously on one machine

manually fold the printed sheets into book stickers according to the page number order and the specified format, which is called manual folding. With the improvement of bookbinding mechanization, manual folding is less and less used in book and magazine printing plants. At present, only books with a small number of prints, odd pages, mantissa recovery, repair, and some special folding methods need to be completed manually. The tools for manual folding are a folding table and a folding board. According to the situation of the trial folding, the printed pages are arranged, and then the two fold, three fold and four fold are carried out. After folding a book, check whether the page number sequence is accurate, whether the page number and crease are neat, whether the folding label of the folded book is centered on the crease, etc., and then bump the folded book and bind it

machine folding is to fold the printed sheets to be folded into book stickers by machine according to the page number sequence and the specified format. At present, the commonly used folding machine is composed of three parts: paper feeding device, folding mechanism and receiving mechanism. The paper feeding device is mainly responsible for the task of separating and transporting paper, and can accurately transport printed pages to the folding part. The folding mechanism is to fold the printed pages delivered by the paper feeding device into book stickers according to the format of the folio and the sequence of page numbers. The paper receiving mechanism is to stack the folded Book posts regularly

at present, the commonly used zy102 and zy104 full sheet knife folding machines can fold the full printed pages into the required A. We know that the two folding methods of applying force to the sample by clamping the sample (or product) with a fixture are two folding, positive and negative three folding, four folding, double folding, etc

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