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The import substitution space of carbon fiber, the king of new materials, is 80%

resin compounding has become a trend, and the downstream of Hafei Zhongcai has become a highlight

in resin matrix composites, glass fiber reinforced plastics has a relatively mature market in China, and its market, output value and application have reached the world's advanced level, which is widely used. Carbon fiber composite is a high-end application, which causes huge pressure on the local ecosystem when connecting to the power supply. It represents the overall scientific and technological level and industrialization level of a country, and is mainly used in aerospace and other fields

at present, the research on resin matrix composites is mainly carried out by research institutes, universities and corresponding enterprise subsidiaries under the aviation industry group. The more famous ones are AVIC Beijing Institute of aeronautical materials, the national research and Application Center for resin matrix composite structure manufacturing technology, Harbin FRP Research Institute, Beijing Aerospace and other research institutions

their research achievements include the hatch of Shenzhou series spacecraft return capsule, and the medical impact test, which is similar to the cupping test. It is an important step to test the impact toughness of stainless steel metal materials. Carbon fiber bed plate, contact rail FRP insulation protection system, organic composite insulator mandrel and other series products are used

at present, there are few listed companies specializing in the production of raw materials such as resin matrix composites. Some companies will set up subsidiaries to research and produce composite materials, which will be processed into finished products and sold to the market. Other companies will introduce raw materials from overseas and other channels for production

financial weekly reports take Hafei shares and Sinoma technology as examples

Hafei is engaged in the development, design, development, production and sales of aviation products and spare parts, and has the largest production base of aviation composite parts and composite blades in China. In addition to establishing a national research and Application Center for resin matrix composite structure manufacturing technology, it also shares in Harbin Hafei Airbus Composite Material Manufacturing Center Co., Ltd., which is jointly responsible for the R & D and production of composite materials

Hafei's raw materials are mainly from subsidiaries of AVIC, accounting for 65.56% of transactions. At present, the major projects being carried out by the company include the y12f aircraft support conditions technical transformation project, with a progress of 25.51%

Sinoma technology is engaged in the research, production, sales and design of glass fiber and composite materials. The company has a national enterprise technology center, a national key laboratory, and three national engineering technology research centers. It is a member unit that may have many interferences in the main circuit of the three national standardization technical committees: glass fiber, fiber reinforced plastic, and thermal insulation materials

in addition, Sinoma technology also has subsidiaries such as North Glass Co., Ltd. and Technology Research Institute to mainly engage in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of advanced composites and engineering composites. At the end of April, 2013, China Southern Glass Co., Ltd. was acquired to expand its research and production. In 2013, Sinoma technology obtained the authorization of patents such as pultrusion molding process and molding device of phenolic resin composites, a glass fiber reinforced plastic XX transparent cover and its molding method, all from Beijing Glass Co., Ltd

the wind power blades produced by Sinoma technology are the downstream products of resin based composite products. At present, the construction project of Sinoma technology Gansu Jiuquan with an annual output of 500 MW composite wind power blades has reached 97.79%, and there is a lot of market space in the future

in addition to listed companies, private enterprises are also actively exploring the market in resin composites. Shandong Huaqun New Material Technology Co., Ltd. uses nano inorganic powder and non-toxic resin to replace any natural plant fibers such as wood pulp and straw pulp to produce resin based composite environmental protection paper

at present, there is still a certain gap in the production capacity and technology of domestic resin matrix composites compared with foreign countries, and the enterprise management level and technological innovation ability are not high, but the rapid growth of composite production in Asia is an obvious trend of industry development. A material science researcher in Shanghai told the financial weekly

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