The labor cost of the hottest instrument industry

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The labor cost of instrument industry is low, and the escort export is still lack of heat

electromechanical; Mechanical and electrical products; Instruments and Apparatuses; Industry information; With the launch of industry 4.0, the demand for instruments in various countries also began to increase. Going out of the instrument industry has become an important strategy for development. Whether it is exported to the United States, Germany and other advanced countries to strengthen technical exchanges, or exported to South Africa, the Middle East and other regions to expand markets, it is a lot of experience. At the same time, due to different instrument standards and technical requirements in various countries, higher requirements and challenges are put forward to the entire instrument industry and enterprises

at the same time, the instrument high-tech countries represented by Germany and the United States are also vigorously exploring overseas markets, especially the Asian market. The instrument industry, represented by industrial automatic control system, will also face fierce competition from countries where some customers or users using old equipment also know this. In such a big environment, as the main body in the industry competition, the construction of instrument enterprises can help China's instrument industry go out faster and participate more in the global development and construction

in recent years, industrial automatic control systems and devices in China's instrument products have developed rapidly under the dual advantages of national policy support and increased market demand, and exports have also soared. Industrial control system has become the product with faster growth rate among the twelve categories of instruments and meters. At the same time, among the twelve categories of products, only one kind of measuring instrument has seen a year-on-year decline. There are many phenomena. Jinan testing machine fixture's requirements for strength do not show a promising export situation, but behind this, there are challenges

escort China's instrument exports

to increase exports of China's instrument industry, we must first understand the specific requirements of various national markets, which is also the basic condition. The United States has always been a big importer and exporter of instruments and meters in China. Therefore, for the American market, China must grasp the characteristics and technical requirements of the United States for instruments, improve its own technology level, and start the construction of R & D and innovation centers to produce suitable products. The Middle East and Africa are regions with low exports in China. In view of this, what we need to do is to tap the market factors of these plots and improve the export volume. In these regions, due to the small import base, the development speed is accelerated

secondly, understand the production conditions of various provinces in China. Guangdong and Shanghai are two provinces with large imports and exports in China. In view of this, the development of other provinces in China can carry out industrial alliance and group development. Through learning, the import and export of instruments and meters in China will be highly centralized and will not be dispersed

the technology gap is obvious, and the export has a long way to go.

with the successful application of instrument technology with China's independent intellectual property rights abroad, it shows that China's instrument industry has begun to officially enter the international market at home. However, because China's investment in the field of science and technology is far from that of foreign countries, China's instrument industry still relies too much on low labor costs and cannot really achieve the export of high-tech industries. This advantage tends to be saturated, resulting in a decline in profits

the obvious gap in the export of China's instrument industry still lies in the technical level. This key factor leads to China's inability to produce and develop some high-end products, so we can only rely on imports to meet the demand, let alone how to export. Since China's industry started late, it is impossible to narrow the gap between foreign products in the short term. In this case, how to improve exports requires Chinese instrument enterprises to digest and absorb excellent Western technologies, strengthen cooperation with universities and research institutes, promote innovation and improve the scientific and technological content of products

it can be said that China's instrument export has a long way to go in the future

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