The king of the hottest project returns with honor

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"King of Engineering" returns with honors

"king of engineering through chemical treatment" returns with honors | SAIC Hongyan won the title of excellent commercial vehicle brand with TCO hedging rate of Dump Truck Group in 2019

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recently, at the third China used commercial vehicle conference, the commercial vehicle Professional Committee of China Automobile Circulation Association officially released the first domestic evaluation report of excellent commercial vehicle brand with TCO hedging rate. In the special research activity of TCO hedging rate of commercial vehicles in 2018, after the consideration of the group of users and experts to investigate the reasons, SAIC Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SAIC Hongyan") won the honorary title of commercial vehicle brand with excellent TCO hedging rate of dump truck group in 2019

tco refers to "total cost of ownership" or "full life cycle cost", which is mainly used to calculate the total expenses of users after purchasing cars and transporting goods. It is a powerful tool for the logistics industry to improve operational efficiency. The verification method of the TCO material testing machine in the commercial vehicle industry is characterized by the release of the excellent brand report on the preservation rate, which integrates six factors, including the purchase cost of new vehicles, fuel costs, maintenance costs, failure rate, residual value of used vehicles and other costs. It is the only important activity related to the TCO evaluation of commercial vehicles in China at present, and it is also an effective way to guide users to buy better commercial vehicle brands with TCO

SAIC Hongyan can win this honor, which once again proves that it deserves the title of "king of Engineering". SAIC Hongyan dump truck is built on the heavy truck technology platform led by Iveco, which opens the oil return valve to make the piston fall back first. It took 3 years to carry out more than 120 Chinese adaptation improvements and optimization, ensuring its excellent quality and good adaptability. At the same time, the cursor series engine equipped with synchronous Iveco technology, combined with Bosch's latest high-pressure common rail technology, has the advantages of strong power, low noise, long maintenance cycle and can comprehensively cope with various transportation environments

not only that, the super bearing capacity is also a major advantage of SAIC Hongyan dump truck. The chassis is made of high-strength alloy, reinforced frame, high load-bearing, low center of gravity, and stronger vehicle stability; The front axle adopts forged I-beam and has passed 700000 fatigue tests. It has the advantages of "large axle load and strong bearing capacity", greatly improves the tensile strength, and has high safety and reliability under bad working conditions. It is affectionately called "Wannian bridge" by users. The strong performance advantage makes the "king of Engineering" have a lower failure rate, which is also well-known among users

it is worth mentioning that data show that fuel consumption accounts for 46% of the vehicle cost in the whole life cycle of the vehicle. Saving about 5% fuel consumption within TCO can comprehensively reduce costs and improve user revenue. SAIC Hongyan dump truck can save 3%-5% of fuel consumption by scientific lightweight under the condition of ensuring the same bearing capacity, which really saves users' operating costs

as the first heavy truck joint venture in China, SAIC Hongyan not only synchronizes the advanced technology of Europe, but also applies the advanced concepts of Europe to its own products. From the aspects of product innovation, customization, platform, etc., it integrates upstream and downstream industries, builds a full value industrial chain of commercial vehicles, provides integrated solutions throughout the life cycle, helps TCO to be better, and establishes better brand loyalty with users

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