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Manual push one machine body 380v220a diesel generator welder

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220a diesel power generation electric welding machine oldest technical parameters

equipment product name: the addition of molybdenum element in 220a diesel power generation electric welding machine increases the depth of the hardened layer to 1.5 times the original welding machine

model: sw220acy

electric welding machine construction

current Scheduling: a (MI actively promotes the production and utilization of high-quality and high value-added products)

no load voltage: 65v

task voltage: v

load rate: 100%

welding rod: 2 0

generator construction

additional power: 5kw

maximum power: 5.5kw

voltage: 220v/23, then measure the output 0v/380v/400v

frequency: 50hz

DC input: 12v/8.3a

power factor: 1 (COS Φ)

phase number: single-phase, three-phase

excitation style: active dispatching avr

insulation grade: Class B

dynamic type (a new class of renewable thermoplastics with external performance from nanostructured lignin- v. function. matter., doi: 10.1002/adfm.) No.: sw190 power

cylinder diameter: 90*66mm

displacement: 420cc

cooling style: air cooling

starting style: manual start/electric start

oil volume: 1.1l

main fuel: Diesel

oil tank volume: 15l

continuous task: 12 hours (H)

oil supply style: gravity flow

part size: length 720 * width 515*height 545 (mm)

part weight: 100kg/kg

power switch: with

voltage display: with

current display: with

overload protector: with

oil Protector: with

fuel warning fragmentary: with

parts unit components:

parts and equipment standard accessories:

build a set of mobile wheel and a set of hand push handle, two electric start keys, three-year vulnerable accessories, and they are qualified certificate, after-sales maintenance card One set of battery and connecting wire, one set of device kit, one set of detailed utilization statement, two welding plugs and three power generation input plugs

information source: 380v220a diesel generator welding machine with manual push

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