The hottest managed PBX Market is a huge market of

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The managed PBX Market is a huge cake of about US $20billion

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is so large that it cannot be ignored. On 54million lines, billions of capital may flow into the market in 2018

cti Forum () news on November 29 (compilation/Lao Qin): this year, the sales of managed PBX accounted for more than 18% of the total PBX Market. However, according to the latest research report of the eastern management group, the real story is that the global addressable market (TAM), also known as managed UC and ucaa, is growing rapidly with the focus on industrialization development s

on the basis of 54million lines, eastern management group gives a conservative estimate of 20billion US dollars for the global addressable market of managed PBX. The name of this report is 2012-2022 for the global managed PBX Market. However, when you use UC applications (such as contact center and video) and consider system integration and local area management, the opportunity of income will be greater

in this four-year study, Oriental management group examined the managed PBX and its position in the larger PBXs world. This broader market, including traditional PBXs, IP PBXs, managed and hybrid cloud systems, and server virtualization, provides support for managed PBXs. According to data collected by the eastern management group from 3500 IT managers this year, enterprises, mid market and SMB consumers have evaluated the hosting options when purchasing any commercial system. The type of system replaced, whether Avaya, Alcatel lucent enterprise, Cisco, or any other supplier, is an unimportant buyer; They all explore managed PBX options

enterprises in North America are the largest buyers of managed PBX. The United States accounts for about a quarter of TAM. Today, we are witnessing large-scale incursions in Western Europe and the Asia Pacific region. In fact, in Western Europe and the Asia Pacific region, the scale of PBX trusteeship in these five years is larger than that in the United States

10 possible areas of managed PBX investment

the huge managed PBX global addressable market (TAM) will expand the source of capital and increase the total amount of investment in the managed PBX industry. We are beginning to see this happen. We expect that funds will flow to these 10 areas:

expand the managed PBX industry in Europe and the Asia Pacific region, And focus on latam

providing new UC collaboration services and hosting services for enterprises

the transformation or expansion of hosting companies towards entering the medium-sized market and the enterprise market

the network promotion of hosting companies

training for partners or sales

the organization builds a road to the market until the conditioning is qualified

transfer the remaining locally deployed PBX companies to Turn into a mixed custody provider

M & A -- large-scale companies acquire small businesses, as well as private equity investment of the entire board of directors

trust PBX thousands of tier 1, 2 and 3 service providers

trust PBX venture capital of startups

what money can buy

new funds will use better technology to attract more enterprises. Cash will enable existing suppliers to compete with customers with an average of 10 - 15 seats to win the medium-sized enterprise market. More network operation centers are deployed domestically and internationally, which will improve the service uptime and support. Business expansion will bring resources closer to customers than to the ocean. The dollars invested will buy self-service software development, especially for service providers in Tier 1, tier 2 and Tier 3

finally, the market expansion has increased the enterprise value of the existing managed PBX companies because both suppliers and investors are pursuing acquisitions

this is one of the eight parts of the study conducted by the eastern management group in its detailed report on the global managed PBX Market 2012 - 2022

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