The hottest managers should not be short of weight

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Managers should not be short of weight.

"this skill is inherited from the ancestors. Generations have adhered to a rule, never make a short weight scale, and others will not do it no matter how much money they give. The weight is good and can not destroy the heart. The star on the scale is the longevity star. If the scale is not accurate, it means that if there is no good heart, life will be lost." The last words that an old man who made scales said to his apprentice on his deathbed. There is not much profound truth, but it shows an industry standard! Today's professional managers can be said to be blooming everywhere. As long as they are managers with high salaries, they all flaunt themselves as professional managers. It seems that only with the aura of "profession" can their value as managers be shown

according to a survey by the economic research center of Peking University, 54% of professional managers said they were likely or likely to leave the company within two years, and only 12% said they would not leave easily. This is a survey on the management of Chinese companies, which reflects the unstable and change seeking mentality of professional managers. It seems that the "selfish theory of human nature", which is not established in philosophy, has been well verified by managers, who frequently change jobs; Take out the company's trade secrets as a chip to apply for a company with a fast communication rate; Do not hesitate to damage the interests of the company in order to protect their own personal interests. So some people questioned, where is the profession of professional managers? It is undeniable that everyone has the right to pursue their own living space. Many managers' behaviors are no more than this factor. Some want to start their own businesses because they no longer only want to increase their remuneration at this stage; Some want to change their working environment and learn new things....... Maslow, a psychologist, once put forward the theory of five levels of needs, emphasizing that people's physiological needs will gradually develop from the lowest level to the self realization of the highest level, which is what a normal person needs to face in his personal development. If we do not have such an environment for talent flow, how can we realize the distribution of social human resources and the talent competitiveness of enterprises? The key is that to be a qualified professional manager and work for any enterprise, you should have the professional quality of a professional manager and never be short of weight

"thinking what is right for the sake of profit" is the words of Confucius. The consciousness is that when pursuing interests, people still need to remember the right path that people should follow. In other words, do not use illegal or immoral behavior to earn money. When professional managers are engaged in work, they should know how to abide by the ethical norms of professional managers and be a manager with "a clear conscience"

the following points are worthy of reference for professional managers:

a: whether it is suitable to be a professional manager. As a professional manager, it is necessary to shoulder certain responsibilities. Some professional managers exaggerate their abilities in order to get a high salary. When I really operate the specific affairs of the enterprise, I get a lot of troughs. As a result, the original plan of the enterprise is difficult to be implemented on time, which wastes the cost of recruitment and has a certain impact on the development of the enterprise. Therefore, when you are applying for a professional manager of an enterprise, first ask yourself whether you have the ability to take on this position and implement the strategic deployment of the enterprise step by step. If these are not determined, do not delay your time with the enterprise

b: cheating on others? As a professional manager, you should often ask yourself, when working for the company, have you ever neglected to be casual without doing your best? When an enterprise recruits you, it hands over the fate of the enterprise to you. The leaders of the enterprise hope to drive the development of the enterprise through your ability, seek future for the enterprise and happiness for the employees. If you, as a professional manager, do not do it with your heart or with all your strength, the fate of the enterprise and the future of the employees may be ruined in your hands

c: whether there is team spirit. A professional manager leads a team. The leader should not work alone. Instead, he should mobilize everyone, mobilize their enthusiasm, and let everyone work together to fulfill the task of the team. If you don't have the team spirit, it is a good choice for enterprises and individuals to withdraw from PVC materials by mentioning a lot of plates, pipes, soles, toys, doors and windows, wire skins, stationery, packaging boxes, etc

d: recognize your position. In terms of looking at your role, Zhongyingzhou, the managing director of Yingpai ceramics company, said: "First of all, professional managers should treat their enterprises as their own, but they can't treat them as their own. Why? The first issue is money. As professional managers, shareholders and investors should hand over the human, financial and material management power of the whole enterprise to you. Therefore, professional managers should first treat their enterprises as their own, but only in terms of people, supply In terms of production and sales, but in terms of wealth and goods, we can't regard it as our own. This position must be squared. " It is not difficult to see that as a professional manager, he will be able to handle problems easily only after he has clearly recognized the position given to him by the enterprise

e: think about your employer when you change jobs. Excellent professional managers have become the guests of headhunting companies. When considering personal development space, they should think more about their owners. After the enterprise recruits you, it has taken you as a part of its own strategic plan. Withdrawal halfway will certainly cause losses to the enterprise in one way or another. Therefore, before you find another job, consider what results your departure will bring to your employer, and whether there is a better way to leave without damaging the interests of the enterprise

when the above points have become your work habits, there is no doubt that you are a qualified and excellent professional manager, and a professional manager who is not short of weight

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