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At present, artificial intelligence is gradually becoming the first driving force of qualitative change in the form of war. Intelligent weapons and equipment represented by unmanned combat aircraft have received unprecedented attention and development. As a predictable new combat force, intelligent coordinated air combat of manned/UAV will be an effective way to generate the combat capability of the system, It will not only bring great changes to the future air combat style, but also subvert and impact the aviation combat style

the development of intelligent UAV has accelerated, and the intelligent cooperative operation of manned/UAV has begun to take shape.

breakthroughs in the basic fields of artificial intelligence such as deep learning, pattern recognition and brain science have effectively promoted the leap of UAV autonomy, that is, intelligence. It is reported that in 2016, the alpha intelligent air combat system cooperated by the University of Cincinnati and the US Air Force laboratory defeated the retired Air Combat expert in the simulator. The expert described alpha as "the most aggressive, responsive, dynamic and feasible AI so far". However, under the conditions of uncertain, multi task and high threat modern strong confrontation operations, the full autonomous mode of UAV is still far from the actual combat. To realize the full autonomous operation of UAV, it is necessary to have the ability to understand the complex battlefield environment, the ability to comprehensively analyze and judge the battlefield situation, the ability to predict the tactical intentions of opponents and targets, the ability to respond in time, and the ability to deal with unexpected events. In this way, the cooperative operation of UAV with the advantage of tactical macro decision-making and UAV with the advantage of technical micro planning and control came into being, and has begun to take shape. The United States and other military powers took the lead in carrying out concept development plan and capability test flight verification. In 2014, the U.S. military successfully completed the test of ah-64e "Apache" armed helicopter simultaneously controlling "gray Eagle" UAV and "shadow" UAV to perform tasks at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama and the flight test center in California. The evaluation conclusion of the intelligent cooperative combat capability of manned/UAV by the US Air Force combat laboratory is that the time required to complete the tactical reconnaissance mission is reduced by 10%; Increase the number of high-value targets identified and reported by 15%; Critical information provided to commanders increased by 30 percent. The great potential of manned/UAV intelligent collaboration will bring great impact and even subversion to the future aviation operations

the intelligent coordinated operation of manned/UAV will lead to profound changes in the future air combat style.

the operational use of air power mainly includes five operational styles: air mobile operation, short-range air support operation, air interdiction operation, air control operation and strategic air raid operation. In air mobile warfare, as an advance aircraft, UAV jumps forward to the front of high-risk battlefield to complete reconnaissance, strike and other tasks, assist manned combat platform to avoid and destroy the threat of enemy air defense firepower, and greatly improve the battlefield viability of manned combat platform, so as to provide a way to achieve the air mobile warfare intention. Kobe Steel Co., Ltd. has participated in many previous aluminum exhibitions with low-risk, long-range, multi task Effective (try the following) combat style. In the short-range air support operation, in the task of contacting the enemy, the UAV can serve as the task of forward reconnaissance, provide real-time target intelligence information for combat operations, and build a "bridge" for the UAV to fully perceive the battlefield situation. In the task of attack and annihilation, the UAV can carry guided ammunition to carry out sudden attack and destruction on the target, providing a safe channel for the strike against the ground target. In the air interdiction operation, the UAV is placed outside the air defense firepower range of the attack target, and commands the UAV to conduct concealed contact with the enemy, which not only effectively reduces the risk of the UAV performing combat tasks, but also greatly improves the strike capability of the UAV, and finally effectively improves the overall efficiency and flexibility of the air interdiction operation. In air control operations, UAV has the advantages of complete information processing, fine maneuver trajectory planning, accurate tracking and control ability, etc. while UAV can pay more attention to overall situation judgment and tactical decision-making under the protection of UAV and the support of omni-directional situation awareness, and command UAV to perform specific target attacks and other tasks according to the principle of optimal overall efficiency. In the future, the combat functions of manned/UAV will complement each other. In the intelligent cooperative operation, the mutual integration of situational awareness and command cross-linking will be more conducive to the operational decision-making of the air cooperative operation unit and quickly improve the ability to seize air control. Strategic air raid, the intelligent coordinated operation of manned/UAV has the characteristics of long endurance, lower detectability and ultra long-distance surprise attack. It can not only significantly improve the aircraft's penetration and survivability in wartime, but also effectively improve the flexibility, concealment and adaptability under uncertain conditions of strategic air raid to perform complex tasks

intelligent coordinated operation of manned/UAV will bring new capability and quality challenges to air combat subjects.

pilots are the subjects who carry out aviation combat tasks. With the concept of manned/UAV intelligent cooperative warfare becoming more and more clear, its huge capability advantages and technical potential have brought new challenges to pilots. From the general law, under the long-term and stable combat training, the warfighter achieves a balance with the combat environment in terms of ability and quality, which makes the warfighter form a series of habitual behavior patterns. When the operational environment changes suddenly, it will cause a sharp increase in the pressure of combatants, and there will be an imbalance between operational literacy and the operational environment. The future manned/UAV intelligent cooperative operation is not only a contest of weapons and equipment, but also a contest of pilots' ability and quality. The role of manned combat aircraft has changed from a traditional "shooter" to a "commander". It is necessary to study the characteristics and laws of manned/UAV intelligent cooperative operation and unconventional tactical methods in advance, and apply them to the military exercises and confrontation training of aviation forces, so that pilots can gradually know, understand and master the new tactical methods, and form new capabilities and qualities, that is, the capabilities and qualities of intelligent combat systems such as man-machine cooperation and algorithm advantages; Ability and quality to adapt to new operational modes such as "bee colony attrition warfare", "cross domain mobile warfare" and "cognitive control warfare"; Ability and quality to adapt to man-machine mixing, machine to machine, and machine to Man Battle Command; Ability and quality to adapt to the organization mode of joint, networking, multi man-machine mixed formation, etc. It can be predicted that once the intelligent cooperative operation of manned/UAV is applied to the actual combat, it will show an overwhelming advantage in combat capability, and then form a rolling strategic deterrence

the intelligent coordinated operation of manned/UAV will affect the formation of the existing aviation military forces.

with the establishment of the core position of the new leading military technology (Group), its development will be accelerated. It has an obvious pulling effect on the military technology system and the war system, and is a veritable "engine" for the growth of combat effectiveness. The corresponding technical system, operational theory, organization and institutional system are gradually established at the military and national levels. The technical and tactical performance of new combat weapons (Systems) has been greatly improved and widely used. The overall war capability is expected to accelerate. The application of artificial intelligence in aviation warfare makes the new air combat style of manned/UAV intelligent cooperative warfare gradually clear, which is considered to change the rules of the air combat game. The manned/UAV intelligent cooperative operation has the characteristics of complexity and advancement. It has the characteristics of decentralized battle command, decentralized combat process, hierarchical talent structure, high-end skill operation, research-based work methods, and fuzziness in the front and rear. Accordingly, intelligent military talents are also required to have the characteristics of talent group instruments automatically entering the experimental procedure, sophisticated skills, compound knowledge, innovative thinking Intelligent decision-making. At the same time, the manned/UAV intelligent collaboration will require changes in the military force composition of the aviation force. The manned and UAV forces must be effectively integrated, and the manned equipment and unmanned equipment must also be effectively integrated, so as to form a collaborative combat capability

strengthen research on cutting-edge theories and technologies, and climb manned/UAV to reach the commanding height of accurate data intelligent cooperative warfare

with the continuous emergence of intelligent autonomous weapons and equipment, the world's major military powers hope to take the lead in future wars with technological advantages. In the face of this new situation, we must actively respond, take the initiative to seek change, constantly innovate, and play the first chess, so as to seize the first opportunity and win the advantage. First, it is necessary to deeply study the concept essence, combat style, characteristics and winning mechanism of man-machine intelligent cooperative operation, and create the theory of man-machine intelligent cooperative operation. Study and master the basic technical theory of man-machine intelligent cooperative operation, including the perception and understanding of highly complex battlefield environment, man-machine cooperative hybrid intelligence, etc., and finally create and form the basic theoretical system of man-machine intelligent cooperative operation to guide the practice of manned/UAV intelligent cooperative operation. Second, it is necessary to break through the key technologies of "perception, judgment, decision-making and action" intelligent collaboration, sort out and clarify the list of key capability requirements of UAV under the condition of man-machine intelligent collaborative operation, break through the problems of collaborative operation one by one, and systematically improve the technical level of intelligent collaborative air combat, so as to improve the level of intelligent collaborative operation as soon as possible. Third, we should accelerate the reform of the existing personnel training mode and the setting of disciplines and specialties, and systematically train intelligent military technical personnel. Manned/UAV intelligent cooperative operation is a high-level joint operation with a high degree of intelligence. Cultivating new military command and technical personnel is the foundation to adapt to the future intelligent cooperative operation. It is necessary to carry out overall layout and planning from the aspects of discipline and specialty settings, student training and training mechanism, etc. In particular, we should deeply cultivate pilots' ability to adapt to human-computer intelligent interaction and collaboration, and innovate pilot training mechanism. (dingdali, chenlongbin, Zhou Huan)

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