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How can wooden door dealers break through limitations and expand themselves?

at present, in the increasingly fierce market competition environment, wooden door dealers are facing a lot of pressure. If the dealer has been holding the traditional concept and adhering to the old mode of operation and management, it is undoubtedly a dead end. In fact, as long as dealers are willing to change their business ideas, learn new management methods, and explore new channels, they will surely be able to gain a foothold in the market, and continue to grow and strengthen, and finally create their own brand

the third and fourth tier markets have great prospects

now most of the wooden door brands are concentrated in the first and second tier cities, and the market competition is very fierce. With the economic development and the support of national policies, the third and fourth tier markets have a lot of room for development, and become a new place for wooden door dealers. Nowadays, with the continuous growth of rural per capita income and the continuous improvement of people's consumption level, there is a great demand in the third and fourth tier markets, and the demand for medium and high-end products is also expanding. Moreover, the real estate market in the third and fourth tier cities is less affected by speculation, investment and property buyers, so there is not much room for price adjustment. In addition, in recent years, the urbanization of these places has accelerated, and the market demand is relatively strong, which can drive the sales of local building materials products such as wooden doors. In the past, low-end products were mainly used in the third and fourth tier markets. As people have higher and higher requirements for decoration, low-end products can no longer meet their needs, so medium and high-end products also have great prospects in the third and fourth tier markets

multi category operation will be the development trend

the earliest business model of wooden door dealers is very simple, just thinking about how to sell products and how to make money. Now the wooden door market is an era for many brands to seize resources, and dealers cannot stick to the past operation mode. With the increasingly fierce market competition, many dealers choose a diversified product business model, and take the initiative to cooperate with some flooring, stairs and other businesses to jointly seize a larger market share

according to insiders, even medium and low-end products have more than 20% profits. Liu Yan, general manager of Huaxin wooden door, said that the development of multiple categories will be the development trend of wooden door dealers in the future, and there will be many cross-border marketing phenomena. For example, some businesses used to operate wooden floors, but later began to make wooden doors in order to obtain multiple economic growth points. For a long time, wooden door dealers have been acting as agents to manage others' brands. With the continuous development and growth of the company, they have more and more awareness of creating their own service brands. On the one hand, dealers' brand is a proof of strength, which can attract manufacturers, on the other hand, it can also cultivate consumer loyalty. Make your own brand, which is the future development direction of dealers. However, whether a dealer can transform into its own brand depends on whether it has influence in the market and whether its share is high. When dealers have a certain popularity in the market, they can make their own brands. If you are not strong and well-known, you might as well be a manufacturer's brand

dealers need corporate management

as wooden door is an emerging industry developed in recent years, wooden door dealers have been relatively weak in management. Although many dealers have done a lot, their management cannot keep up with the development of enterprises. Only by implementing corporate management can dealers really become bigger and stronger. The implementation of corporate management by dealers can give enterprises more competitive advantages in the market. To truly realize corporate management, dealers must first work hard on themselves, learn more and learn advanced management methods from their peers. In addition, we should establish a talent training mechanism and build our own core team. The ability of dealer team building, talent management and development and utilization is also a factor that determines whether the company can become bigger and stronger

manufacturers seek greater development synchronously

dealers should change from the asynchronous growth of manufacturers to synchronous growth in the future. For a long time, some wooden door enterprises and dealers have always had contradictions and opposites. In the past, enterprises often dominated. When the brand grows, manufacturers often do not provide better services and support for dealers, but enterprises need dealers to operate the brand in order to maximize profits

manufacturers and distributors are the necessary links for products to be transformed from raw materials to finished products, and from the origin to consumers. They are not only comrades in the same trench, but also mutually beneficial. In modern business competition, single win is only wishful thinking, and win-win can go further. Manufacturers and dealers should be good friends before doing business. Therefore, standing at both ends of the marketing channel, manufacturers and dealers should form a balanced compromise of interests, have more trust and understanding, less domineering spirit, work together to give advice, cultivate and pay, so as to become the winner in the market game hand in hand

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