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On September 13, the joint activity of Yadan wardrobe in Henan Province will be grandly opened in Zhumadian Pingyu Xinqi green home industry park with the theme of "Yadan zero formaldehyde journey - illuminating tomorrow with love"

on September 13, the Yadan wardrobe Henan linkage activity will be grandly opened in Zhumadian Pingyu Xinqi green home furnishing Industrial Park. This provincial linkage, with the theme of "Yadan zero formaldehyde journey - illuminating tomorrow with love", will show consumers the production process of zero formaldehyde Hexiang board in an all-round, multi angle and zero distance, and bring the concept of ecological home to thousands of households

provincial linkage, Juhui city

this promotional activity is a large-scale home furnishing Juhui feast with industry representation after the "Guangdong 10000 people factory", which is based in Henan, radiates across the country, and benefits new and old customers all over the country. At that time, the zero formaldehyde Hexiang board will be extremely cheap, and the president's signature sale will hit the audience. There is also a four piece special package for the whole house, with a 10% rebate. A 368 yuan Adan imported solid wood hanger gift bag will be given away free, as well as large screen LCD color TV, washing machine and other prizes. The Juhui event will provide double value gifts for the school season and the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival

ecological home, public welfare first

this is not only a huge benefit linkage across the province with thousands of people, but also an unprecedented large-scale environmental protection public welfare activity, which not only covers the preferential contents such as "true love without formaldehyde" and "boundless love", but also includes a series of public welfare lottery activities such as "love relay", "love dedication" and "love blooming". Among them, as long as the wechat circle of friends shares the "qijialong children's love donation proposal" (please check the wechat of Yadan wardrobe on August 29), you can receive a signed photo of Zhang Jiayi, the spokesperson of Yadan brand for free; If you donate 20 yuan or more to qijialong Xiaopeng, you can get a free Yadan VIP card, and with the card, you can offset twice the actual donation amount or directly offset the payment of 200 yuan

Yadan zero formaldehyde journey, illuminate tomorrow with love

this large-scale provincial linkage is jointly organized by Yadan wardrobe and Wanhua panel industry group. On the basis of a series of integrated marketing and communication means of Yadan, combined with the calm and atmospheric public image of brand spokesperson Zhang Jiayi, taking environmental protection and public welfare as the promotion theme, it starts the zero formaldehyde journey and transmits the health concept of ecological customized home. On September 13, at the event site, Yadan wardrobe will hold a home charity sale together with Beijing New Sunshine charity foundation, Beijing Wanhua ecological board industry, Xinqi industry and other institutions to prepare money for Qi Jialong children

zero formaldehyde journey, public welfare first, illuminate tomorrow with love. Let's spread and share love while enjoying the huge benefits of the activities, and create a green and beautiful tomorrow with the whole people





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