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In today's big cities, with the rising house prices, many people have to choose small houses to live, and the decoration of small houses also needs to pay attention to Feng Shui; So in Feng Shui, what are the stresses of Feng Shui layout in the decoration of small houses? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

The Feng Shui layout of small house decoration pays attention to the selection skills: the house should be ventilated, but don't open the window when strong wind blows in. So when selecting a small house, in addition to confirming that there must be a ventilation source, you should also be careful not to pick a house that is easy to make strong wind pour into the house.</p>
<p>when looking at the house, remember to open the window on site and feel the ventilation condition for yourself. Whether the air flow enters the house gently or directly. And Walk around every corner of the house to feel whether the air flow circulates smoothly in the house, whether there is a dead corner where the air flow cannot reach, or whether the air flow in a certain direction and corner is particularly strong, which makes people feel cold and uncomfortable. In fact, the choice of house type depends on people, and the most important thing is to choose one that suits you</p>
<p>the knowledge of Feng Shui layout of small apartment decoration is exquisite</p>
<p>small apartment houses have small indoor space and similar lung capacity. If your door is in a straight line with the opposite door, and the distance between the doors is too close. In terms of house type Feng Shui, in case the indoor space of the opposite household is larger than their own (large vital capacity), it means that the gas field of the door-to-door space will be sucked away by the opposite household</p>
<p>when the living area of one's own house is too small to be conducive to the feng shui of the house type, wouldn't it be worse if the aura outside the gate was sucked away</p>
<p>think about it, the aura is robbed by others, and the opportunities representing life are often easily taken away by others. Such houses often have bad house type Feng Shui, which leads to bad interpersonal relationships. It is more difficult for noble people to appear, not to mention the development of work and career</p>
<p>for the current building structure and real estate developers, 99% of the house types are the same. So it's not easy to find a house with the wrong door, so we need other ways to resolve this kind of house type Feng Shui</p>
<p>however, there is nothing difficult in the world. I'm afraid that those who have a heart can still run frequently in several areas even if they are near the school or business district. Sometimes, economically affordable houses specially planned and built have a better chance of finding houses with different doors than commercial residential areas</p>
<p>everything is flexible. If you can't find a small house with the wrong door, at least find one with a wide space between the two doors, or one with a long distance between the two doors. In terms of house type Feng Shui, once the space distance is enlarged, even if the space of the opposite house is relatively large (large vital capacity), part of the gas field between the door-to-door between the two houses will be sucked away, but it will not be completely sucked away, and it can also leave some Feng Shui gas field for itself</p>
<p>in this way, it can leave a little favorable development space in interpersonal relations; The opportunity for noble people to help is not completely cut off; Work and career can also be promoted. No matter how difficult the situation is, you can still get a little space and opportunity for survival from the cracks</p>
<p>if you choose or rent an existing house, naturally, you should give priority to these issues. Never choose a house close to the toilet and neimingtang, and avoid seeing the toilet pattern as soon as you enter the door. From the perspective of house type Feng Shui, when the

if it is a future house, you should also pay attention to the design drawings and carefully avoid this taboo. In case the pattern of the future house is like this, it is better to spend a little more money than to ask the real estate developer to modify the design drawing in advance and make minor adjustments in order to meet the Feng Shui conditions of a good house type

many people raise green plants indoors not to purify the air, but for Feng Shui. So what are the indoor Feng Shui plants? Now let's take stock of the common indoor geomantic green plants and their geomantic effects. You can learn about them

I. what are the indoor green plants

cactus, cactus, Chlorophytum comosum, rose, tulip, tulip king, lily, Calla Lily, Fugui bamboo, Penglai pine, cactus, luohansong, Aesculus, palm bamboo, fortune tree, Clivia, bulbus, orchid, cyclamen, citrus, Nest Fern, dragon blood tree, mangosteen flower, asparagus, Fugui bamboo, Ivy, etc.

II Common indoor geomantic plants and their geomantic effects

(I) plants that can have the effect of thriving:




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