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Nowadays, home decoration is becoming more and more functional, such as children's room, shower room, gym, couple's room, computer room, piano room, etc., but few people mention the topic of the elderly's room. Usually, the layout of the elderly's room is very simple, and often a bed becomes the whole content of the elderly's room. This also reflects that young people do not pay enough attention to the functional design of the elderly room. In fact, as far as the decoration of the elderly room is concerned, I think humanization is the most important. Because people will have many changes in psychology and physiology after entering the twilight years. To carry out the decoration design and decoration of the rooms of the elderly, we must first understand these changes and the characteristics of the elderly. In order to adapt to these changes, the bedrooms of the elderly should do some special decoration and decoration

first, the color should be calm and elegant

one of the major characteristics of the elderly is that they like to recall things in the past, so in the choice of room color, we should focus on the simple, peaceful and calm interior decoration color, which is related to the experience and experience of the elderly. With the emergence of a large number of new decoration materials, interior decoration has changed the previous situation of five white and one gray. The walls are replaced with soft colored paint or pasted with wallpaper, wall cloth and wall felt of various colors, and the ground is covered with wood floors or carpets. If the walls are painted with plain colors such as milky white, milky yellow, lotus root, etc., they can be matched with lively, non dull furniture, furniture based on the natural color of wood and coated with different color agents, and furniture with industrial colors such as dark brown, camel, brown yellow, pearl white, beige, etc. can also be selected

light colored furniture looks light and bright, while dark colored furniture looks stable and solemn, which can be selected by the elderly according to their preferences. The color matching with depth is very suitable for the elderly's bedroom. For example, the dark walnut color can be used for single piece furniture such as beds, cabinets and tea tables. The color of bedding, decorative cloth and walls should be light color, so that the whole room is harmonious and elegant, and reveals the mature temperament of the elderly. The wall and furniture are shallow and deep, which complement each other. As long as the contrast is not too strong, it can have a good visual effect

second, the decoration should be quiet

one of the major characteristics of the elderly is quiet. You can put some books, newspapers and magazines that the elderly love to read, so that they can have fun and do something in their old age, and live a good life every day. The design of the old people's room should also vary from person to person. For example, if there are old people who love reading at home, the room can be designed as a study bedroom; For example, if the old man has a military career, it is best to configure some military related accessories in his bedroom, such as military knives, war horses and other shapes, which can cause the old people to recall the past and think infinitely. The most basic requirement for home furnishings is that doors, windows and walls have good sound insulation effect, are not affected by the outside world, and should be relatively quiet. According to the physical characteristics of the elderly, there are generally physical decline, and some also suffer from senile diseases. Even some music with low volume is also noise for some elderly people, not to mention the collision and shouting of noise itself, so we must prevent the interference of noise, otherwise it will cause adverse consequences

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