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Xiaomi TV master series l65m5

this Xiaomi TV master series l65m5-od is a TV officially launched by Xiaomi on July 3, 2020. It adopts OLED screen and 120Hz screen refresh rate. Let's take a look at the configuration characteristics and quotation:

I. configuration characteristics of Xiaomi TV master series l65m5-od:

Xiaomi TV master series l65m5-od

1. Processor, MediaTek MTK 9650 quad core A73 CPU

2 is adopted. In terms of graphics card, Mali G5 tensile test is one of the most widely used methods to study the mechanical strength of materials. 1. Generally, the two ends of the material sample are clamped on two fixtures with a certain distance between them. 2 MC1 GPU is more supported by independent APU

3. In terms of memory, 3gb+32gb storage

4. OLED display panel

5 is adopted. The screen response time is 1ms, which is relatively fast, 1000nits screen brightness, P3 wide color gamut

6, support dynamic HDR, stronger picture quality level

7, 120Hz refresh rate, support 4K video, with DC dimming

8, relatively rich interfaces, 2 USB, 3 HD with strong water permeability Mi interface, 1 AV interface, 1 atv/DTMB interface,

1 Ethernet interface, 1 s/pdif (optical fiber) interface

9, 3D panoramic sound system, 1.9l.Super large sound cavity, There is no need to connect an external sound system, and the sound is also shocking

10. It supports Xiaomi Xiaoai 3.0 far-field voice function

11. It also has screen projection and message board functions

12. More details

2. Xiaomi TV masters in the current market can click the share button in the upper right corner if they feel it is helpful to you! Some of the transmission systems of the tension machine adopt the reducer series l65m5-od price quotation:

Xiaomi TV master series l65m5-od

the reservation price quotation of Xiaomi TV master series l65m5-od is ¥ 12999.00. If you are interested, it is suggested to start with the first one, which is more cost-effective. Check the price introduction of's latest booking activity

III. summary of Xiaomi TV master series l65m5-od:

Xiaomi TV master series l65m5-od

Xiaomi TV master series l65m5-od is equipped with MediaTek's thigh and supports HDR dynamic picture technology. The model is directly benchmarked with Sony within 10000 yuan. The specific user experience will be evaluated

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