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Xiao Yang was rated as China's outstanding young private entrepreneur in petroleum and chemical industry

Xiao Yang was rated as China's petroleum and chemical industry. Shafts with complex shapes (BS EN 357:2000 fireproof glass such as camshafts and crankshafts) can be cast, creating more possibilities for the automotive and aerospace industry

November 7, 2011

[China paint information] recently, In the selection activity of "excellent private enterprises and excellent private entrepreneurs of China's petroleum and chemical industry during the 11th Five Year Plan" held by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, chairman Xiao Yang of Feiyang chemical industry stood out from many candidates and won the honorary title of "outstanding private young entrepreneurs of China's Petroleum and chemical industry during the 10th Five Year Plan"

this is not only the personal honor of chairman Xiao Yang, but also the honor of Feiyang chemical

this award fully reflects the spirit of chairman Xiao Yang, as an enterprise leader, who is constantly innovative, brave to explore, down-to-earth and willing to work. He has led Feiyang chemical to the road of modern management and standardized operation step by step. With scientific business philosophy, good product quality and excellent team, he has won the unanimous recognition of the market and customers

all Feiyang people believe that under the leadership of chairman Xiao Yang, Feiyang chemical will achieve the goal of listing and truly make Feiyang chemical stand tall in the world chemical industry

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