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Xiaomi water testing set-top box accelerates its entry into the field of smart TV

burst the news. An internet tycoon who has never been involved in the video industry is entering the field of Internet TV set-top box. Guess who it is? As early as April this year, Zhang Lei, the former head of Unicom video, said in his microblog

the answer will soon be revealed. On October 18, media reported that the engineering prototype of Xiaomi TV set-top box has been manufactured and small-scale internal testing has begun. It is reported that Xiaomi TV box has a function similar to Apple's airplay, with a price of 299 yuan, and Xiaomi has signed a cooperation agreement with two smart TV content service providers, PepsiCo and Huashu, to accelerate its entry into the field of smart TV

compared with the boiling in the industry, Xiaomi technology and its partners are silent. Liu Fei, the public relations director of Xiaomi, recently said to the investor that it was inconvenient to reply, while Hu Xiaodong, the vice president of duokan Technology Co., Ltd., said that the TV business would not accept any interviews for the time being and was expected to wait until mid November

an insider of Huashu media told investor that Xiaomi's products will come out in November, and Xiaomi does have a cooperative relationship with Huashu. We really know what they do

however, even if the set-top box is born, it is only the first step in Lei Jun's TV dream. Sunfeng, director of content services of Lenovo Group's digital home business unit, told Investor: at best, the current box is testing the water, and TV is Lei Jun's goal

cooperate with duokan technology. Set top box

Xiaomi's box is also being made by duokan technology. It may be to make the box for Xiaomi OEM, build Xiaomi's brand, and the channel is also Xiaomi's channel. Duokan is responsible for doing user experience related things, such as UI (abbreviation of user interface) design, etc. If we want to cooperate, such a division of labor will be more reasonable. Zhang Lei said to. He further explained that Lei Jun had prepared for TV for a long time. Half a year ago, Xiaomi was recruiting people on a large scale to do set-top box related work, which may be launched before the Spring Festival

according to the previous report, Xiaomi set-top box is based on Android operating system, and the content comes from major video stations, which will have functions similar to Apple airplay. The so-called airplay means that users can map the videos played by any IOS device to the TV connected to Apple TV, or use the IOS device as a TV remote control, and also map the videos played on the TV to the IOS device to continue playing

if there is a set-top box, it is not difficult to realize the intelligent secondary function of TV. A market operation manager of SMG blockbuster told the investor: any TV with a set-top box in it for one second can become a smart TV

routine inspection: Tube ring radial tension test, tube ring expanding test, tube ring stripping test

the important thing is that there is a great opportunity for the industry of set-top box. According to public data, there are 300 to 400 million televisions in stock in China, but on the whole, the audience's response to TV programs is very poor, and the demand for TV set-top boxes is relatively strong. Moreover, the cost of making a set-top box is also relatively low. At present, it only costs about 200 yuan to make a high-definition TV. According to the previous statement, if it is 29 yuan, Xiaomi's profit space is still very large. And compared with the uneven set-top box brands on the market, Xiaomi's brand advantages can also be shown. There are great opportunities for the set-top box industry, and Xiaomi is eyeing its scale. Zhang Lei said

in terms of OEM costs, it is also a cost-effective business to do set-top boxes. Duokan is a company invested by Lei Jun, and Xiaomi's set-top box is also being developed by duokan. I have rich experience in making set-top boxes, especially in refitting Android and apple boxes. The possible division of labor is that Xiaomi is responsible for OEM. It is difficult for someone to clarify the relationship between it and Xiaomi. Zhang Lei said

in the sales channel of set-top box, Xiaomi is not without market. Xiaomi can take advantage of the partnership established with operators before and continue to bundle sales through operators like. However, it is not without worries. At present, the open market of set-top boxes is immature, mainly concentrated purchase by operators, and the price is very low. This situation has caused the current set-top box products to be dominated by low distribution. Sun Feng said: Xiaomi is characterized by high configuration and low price, highlighting the cost performance. The current set-top box does not conform to his product strategy. The current box is at best a water test

the industry is not optimistic about smart TV.

Liang Zhenpeng, a home appliance analyst, said that if Xiaomi makes a small fuss to make a set-top box, it can also make a little money, but if Xiaomi wants to make a smart TV like LETV, Xiaomi and LETV will die miserably in the future

as we all know, TV itself is a money burning industry, and now the capital threshold for smart TV has been raised to 10 billion. Not only capital, but also the construction of sales channels will be a more headache. Buy one φ 1- φ 3mm express can be delivered, but big power like TV must build its own logistics, warehousing, distribution system and after-sales service. The construction of Xiaomi, which is good at Internet marketing, is weak, and the logistics distribution system is an extraordinary test for Xiaomi

the more core is that unlike PC and PC, TV has no components that can dominate the fate of products. For TV, if producers do not break through the problem of LCD panel, they will only be led by LCD panel manufacturers in the future

nowadays, TV sets only rely on some unprofitable content, because consumers do not have the habit of paying for content and software. It is impossible for them to make money for such simple content and platform. In the final analysis, making TV sets depends on hardware products. Making money by hardware products tests the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, which is not something that it enterprises can enter casually. Liang Zhenpeng said

in addition, unlike, TV products are more important for the experience of image quality and sound effects, and are less sensitive to hardware configuration. TV belongs to big power. The buyers are mainly middle-aged people, especially housewives, who trust traditional sales channels and also consider brand factors. Sun Feng said that the difficulty of Xiaomi in making TV lies in its ignorance of users' habits of using smart TV

Boswell, vice president and Secretary General of the China IOT Industry Association, also said that Xiaomi's involvement in smart TV can be understood as their lack of confidence in Xiaomi, or their negative outlook on the future of Xiaomi

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