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Xiaoneng cloud customer service and UFIDA integration version was officially released at the 2017 GICC conference

recently, the 2017 GICC global small and Micro Enterprise Innovation Conference held by changjietong in conjunction with Alibaba cloud and UFIDA cloud market was held at the National Convention Center in Beijing. As a leader in the field of Intelligent Cloud customer service, Xiaoneng Technology participated in the conference as an ecological integration partner of UFIDA cloud, and jointly released the Xiaoneng cloud customer service and UFIDA integration version on the spot

Xiaoneng technology CEO Gou bintao participated in the release of Xiaoneng cloud customer service and UFIDA integration version

strong forces work together to jointly empower Chinese enterprises

in the cloud era, important structural changes have taken place in the division of labor in the IT industry, enterprise cloud service platforms have gradually become an industry development trend, and major enterprise service platforms have sprung up, contributing to the rapid development of enterprises in the era of artificial intelligence

Xiaoneng technology has been deeply cultivated in the industry for many years. Its carefully built one-stop Intelligent Cloud customer service platform effectively integrates natural language understanding, machine learning and big data technology. It has five core intelligent capabilities at the leading industry level, and provides users with intelligent identification and distribution in the ai+ artificial customer service mode for enterprises; One stop intelligent customer service solutions from pre-sales consultation to after-sales data feedback, such as intelligent AI dialogue, manual collaboration, and subsequent consultation, intelligent integration and analysis of order data, have brought tangible convenience and benefits to customers in various industries

as the leader and advocate of Intelligent Cloud customer service industry, Xiaoneng technology has always attached great importance to cooperation with ecological partners, committed to integrating platform resources and services, and providing customers with one-stop, full platform three-dimensional customer service. Relying on the leading AI application technology in the field of customer service and the experience accumulated in serving major customers for many years, Xiaoneng technology stands out from hundreds of partners who have entered the UFIDA cloud market, Domestic non-ferrous metal enterprises have some shortcomings in technological innovation, which is an important reason for the passive development of the industry. UFIDA has become the only ecological partner of the overall solution of cloud customer service, which attaches great importance to energy efficiency and fire safety of thermal insulation materials. UFIDA cloud is another large-scale enterprise service platform with which Xiaoneng technology cooperates after Alibaba cloud. After more than half a year of docking, testing and experiments, the Xiaoneng cloud customer service UFIDA integrated version has been officially launched, adding a monument to the strategic goal of Xiaoneng technology to create a one-stop enterprise service ecosystem

continuous innovation and bravely climb to the first new height in the industry

the launch of Xiaoneng cloud customer service UFIDA integrated version, It is not only a beneficial supplement to UFIDA products and services, but also the further realization of UFIDA enterprise services in this strategic goal. Through this cooperation with Xiaoneng Intelligent Cloud customer service platform, UFIDA cloud has realized the deep integration and integration of Xiaoneng cloud customer service platform and UFIDA cloud platform system, providing support services for enterprises to grasp business opportunities and business decisions. In addition, with its advantages in products and services, Xiaoneng Intelligent Cloud customer service platform provides platform function support for the rapid integration of UFIDA cloud products, empowers enterprises with customer service, effectively solves the communication scenarios between enterprises and users, helps enterprises form efficient communication skills, improves customer conversion rate, improves the efficiency of customer service, and improves customer satisfaction

from now on, customers can place an order to purchase the products and services of the integrated version of Xiaoneng cloud customer service in the UFIDA market online. Users can log in to the homepage of the official UFIDA website and click to enter the landing page of product introduction to learn the details of the integrated version of Xiaoneng cloud customer service. UFIDA cloud offline sales channels will also be equipped with professional service personnel to provide face-to-face explanations and operational demonstrations for customers

talking about the opportunity of cooperation between Xiaoneng technology and UFIDA cloud, the head of UFIDA cloud market said at the meeting that Xiaoneng technology, as a leader in the intelligent customer service industry, its strong product and service endorsement is what UFIDA cloud most likes, and the two sides will seek more in-depth cooperation in the future

Xiaoneng technology makes the future with intelligence

Xiaoneng Intelligent Cloud customer service platform was officially released in 2011, joining hands with more than 3000 top well-known enterprises in various industries, and becoming a long-term strategic partner of these enterprises. Respond to more than 3million big data interactions and services every day, help enterprises improve customer service efficiency by more than 70%, improve customer satisfaction by more than 95%, and improve customer conversion rate by more than 30%. Provide one-stop intelligent customer service solutions for enterprises in e-commerce, education, health care, tourism, o2o, B2B, Internet Finance and other fields, such as the gas industry. At the same time, Xiaoneng has also jointly launched an internet call center with Huawei, Chinatelecom, Provide more perfect and fast customer service for enterprise users

in the future, Xiaoneng technology will follow the development of the times, continue to explore and make progress, create an efficient and professional one-stop Intelligent Cloud customer service platform, and help more enterprises in Shenzhen to form a "magnetic attraction effect" industry through the practice of "policy guidance + market-oriented environment"

they are using Xiaoneng to improve user service

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