Fixing device of rubber roller shaft on the hottes

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The utility model relates to a packaging mechanical device, in particular to a fixing device for the glue roller shaft on the glue passing machine. It includes T-shaped fixed pressure block with fixed hole and fixed parts with installation groove. On the other hand, through participating in this seminar, its structural characteristics are: the vertical end of the T-shaped fixed pressure block is internally provided with circular holes that are dynamically matched with the rubber roll axis, and all parts of the external fastening equipment are round card workers who match the installation groove of the fixed parts and have the same center with the circular hole, and they should also be placed; The fixing part is a bracket or a shaft sleeve. The utility model solves the problems that when the prior art is used, the rubber roller shaft is easy to cause axial and radial movement, the plastic packaging quality is difficult to be guaranteed, the thickness of the packaging object is narrow, and the maintenance of the glue passing machine is troublesome

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