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Five major trends in the development of Chinese enterprises

first, capital socialization

with the deepening of China's enterprise property rights reform and China's protection of private property 3. Security loading protection is expressed in the constitution, capital will be more mobile, and the holders of capital will spread. Big capitalists and small capitalists enjoy equal status and decision-making opportunities in the same enterprise. The governance structure will undergo new changes

second, the professionalization of business

the fierce market competition, the continuous segmentation of the industry, the degree of specialization will be improved, and there will be a professional class in enterprise management. Operation is no longer fully owned, which is generally not easy to encounter difficulties. It is reasonable to separate ownership from operation, coupled with an appropriate authorization and decentralization system. What will maintain this professionalization of operation will be 30% of interpersonal relationships and 70% of professional knowledge

third, management norms are standardized in transformation and upgrading

any mode will be redundant, and only those suitable for enterprises are the best. Management is no longer based on the rule of law, but on the rule of man (people-oriented) to improve the efficiency and effect of management with standardized processes. Management standardization is more embodied in a group with common values, forming a set of management system similar to professional ethics

IV. enterprise family

the enterprise is no longer a place where everyone makes a living to make money, but a family that is maintained by family ties and is evergreen. The SCR system provided by INERGY, a plastic resistant company, can reduce diesel exhaust emissions by 95%, which is not only bigger and stronger. Everyone has the opportunity to have a collision of ideas and participate

v. concept globalization

in addition to the headquarters, the geography of enterprises can only be limited to a certain region, while the marketing concept and humanistic concept have been globalized. There is no gap between enterprise thinking and marketing concept. Instead, an innovative method is used to realize the global allocation of resources

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