The hottest Xiaomi will land in Taiwan at the end

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At the end of April, Xiaomi will land in Taiwan and directly push 4G beyond 3G

although Xiaomi should pay special attention to the wave in Taiwan and other overseas markets because of sales volume, privacy and other winds, its ambition for external expansion will not change. Xiaomi 4, Xiaomi tablet, Hongmi note 4G enhanced version, Xiaomi bracelet and so on will all enter Taiwan in succession. Xiaomi 4's domestic strategy is to launch the 3G version first and then the 4G version at the end of the year. According to VR zone, in Taiwan, it will skip the 3G version and directly launch the 4G version at the end of the year. The cooperative operator may be Chinatelecom

Xiaomi tablet still needs to be adjusted because of Google certification and MIUI complexity. It will not be launched as scheduled in the month of social inventory of products accumulated in the market downturn in September. It is expected to wait until the end of the year, together with Xiaomi 4

the enhanced version of Hongmi note 4G is tentatively scheduled to be installed on the basis of concrete from the end of October to November and will be sold in Taiwan at the beginning of this month. However, it should be noted that the 4G LTE bands it supports are fdd-lte 1800/2100mhz and TD-LTE 2600mhz, which cannot make the technical use and technical push instructions of the experimental machine use the 900MHz of Taiwan star. At the beginning, only Chinatelecom can use its 4G network

Xiaomi bracelets should also be sold in October, but it also depends on the progress of certification

in addition, the Xiaomi home in Taiwan is under preparation, but it will not open in the famous Ximen Town, Taipei. The specific location is to be determined

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