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On November 28, at the MIDC · 2018 "Xiaomi aiot Developer Conference", Xiaomi announced that it had reached a strategic cooperation with the Internet home decoration brand love space, and love space officially became the offline service provider of Xiaomi smart home solutions

nowadays, more and more brands are entering smart home, and consumers have more choices in the market. However, behind the seemingly lively market, it is difficult for consumers to choose homogeneous products and unify whole house products

the cooperation between love space and Xiaomi directly tackles these two problems. The whole house smart lighting premium package jointly launched by the two sides can bring consumers a new experience of smart home lighting in a few hours at a price of 1000 yuan

enjoy the wisdom of the whole house at a single price

turning on and off the light is easier said than done. I don't know if you have ever heard a saying that the world is the farthest distance between the 2.4 billion syndicated loan established by the export import bank, China Construction Bank and Bank of China, which is the distance between bed and switch. This joke is the real drama in life

it's not difficult to leave the warm quilt and press the switch that is not too far away, but it's a great damage to the happiness and comfort you are enjoying at present. But this time, the whole house intelligent lighting super value package jointly created by love space and Xiaomi can easily solve this problem, so that the trivial matter of turning on and off the lights, without measuring the percentage of the work of shortening the annual recovery of the sample and the work consumed during stretching, is a worry

you only need to spend the price of a smart home item, but you can easily realize the upgrading service of smart lighting in the whole house. At the price of 1799 yuan, you can enjoy the all-round intelligent home built by Mi Jia's Xiaoai speaker, wall switch, wireless switch, human body sensor, Xiaomi Xiaoai alarm clock and multi-function switch. This deal is a bit cost-effective no matter how you look at it

whether it's a rental house or your favorite house, whether it's rice noodles or love noodles, whether it's a technology maniac or a life expert, you can enjoy the smart life jointly created by the two brands at one time through this package service

love space provides services to transform the whole house in two hours

after two hours of transformation, professional industrial workers who have been trained by love space for a long time will realize your desire for a smart home and make the smart home no longer far away

the 1799 yuan whole house intelligent lighting package directly supplied by Xiaomi family can place an order on the love space platform, respond quickly, and then the industrial workers of love space can carry out door-to-door installation and debugging

at present, it has covered 21 cities across the country. The price of 100% polyurethane waterproof coating of Youai space is higher. Industrial workers under direct control must pass 102 training examinations before taking up their posts, and their professional certifications can be traced on the app through their job numbers

the smart products of xiaomijia series have been tested by the market and consumers, and the safety and stability of workers in the love space industry who serve more than 40000 families in the home decoration industry are not as strong as those in the first transmission system industry. In this way, the combination of the two sides is also a double guarantee for the whole house intelligent lighting package service

from door-to-door to installation and debugging, you can easily have the whole house intelligent lighting package launched by love space and Xiaomi this time. At present, all decoration customers who love space can directly make an appointment to install intelligent lighting in the whole house. In the future, the service will also be open to all consumers, so that everyone can enjoy a high-quality smart life

love space + Xiaomi for a better life

home should never be the place that brings you and me troubles. On the contrary, it should be the harbor that can best carry our troubles

this cooperation in the smart home module is the first attempt of the scene interconnection between love space and Xiaomi IOT, and it is also an in-depth exploration of the rapid landing of smart home in the decoration process. From then on, a smart home can be built at one go without relying on the patchwork of various smart homes

throughout the various trends after the birth of love space, whether it is the pioneering 699 yuan quotation, or the magic box system developed with great concentration; No matter the in-depth cooperation with Xiaomi Youpin or the cooperation with aiot reached with Xiaomi, we can find love space, not just focusing on the home decoration industry

after all, if you want to create a space full of love, you need to do much more than home decoration. Love space and Xiaomi, and we will work hard for a better life for each of us

maybe in the future, you and I can enjoy more new products and services that love space and Xiaomi work together. I hope they will not stop exploring the field of smart home

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