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Xiaomi Qualcomm argued fiercely that in the next 10 years: will it be overturned

Xiaomi and Qualcomm are at a similar juncture: as industry giants, they are in danger

with its strong red rice and red rice Note Series, Xiaomi has ranked first in domestic manufacturers' shipments for many quarters; With the leading technology of 4G chips, Qualcomm also lags far behind other chip manufacturers. However, the crisis exists at the same time. The Xiaomi model was jointly attacked by other domestic manufacturers, and the shipment fell month on month in the first half of this year; Qualcomm suffered from the impact of some manufacturers' adoption of self-developed chips and policy factors, and its net profit fell 47% in the third quarter of this year

Xiaomi and Qualcomm are at a similar juncture: as industry giants, they are in danger. At the Phoenix link+ conference held on August 16, under the chairmanship of Liang Dong, Lin bin, President of Xiaomi, and Shen Jin, vice president of Qualcomm China, held a summit dialogue to talk about new technologies, new trends, and new opportunities

Xiaomi and Qualcomm can be calculated and recognized in micro time. Since Xiaomi 1, every generation of Xiaomi has adopted Qualcomm as its new film supplier, including the latest flagship top version of Xiaomi note; Not long ago, Wang Xiang, former senior vice president of Qualcomm and President of China Gangqu, joined Xiaomi as senior vice president, responsible for strategic cooperation and important partnerships; According to various sources, Qualcomm is an early shareholder of Xiaomi

facing possible challenges and opportunities, both sides work together in the red sea of the market, while seeking ways out of emerging fields

at the Phoenix link+ conference held on August 16, under the chairmanship of Liang Dong, Lin bin, President of Xiaomi, and Shen Jin, vice president of Qualcomm China, held a summit dialogue to talk about new technologies, new trends, and new opportunities

difficult to be overturned

Lin bin put forward three points: first, as a major information terminal, it cannot be overturned in five years. It is only a small improvement in details, and the final change depends on the change of input and output mode; Second, price war is not necessarily a bad thing. A price war that sacrifices the quality of computers by cutting corners will cause the destruction of the industry, but a price war that arises through innovation is a good thing. Every manufacturer will go all out to make cooler technology, and the price is cheaper; Third, in the choice of Android and IOS, Xiaomi is a simple Android camp, and Android will be the future direction

the input we see today is still the touch screen of the past decade. The output is reading. Great changes must be made in the input, but the sealed volume size sees a breakthrough in the changing output. In the short term, such as fingerprinting, this technology may not need the level of physical keys after half a year or a year, which can make it more beautiful and improve the overall function. Going forward, is it possible for input to become voice input? Or is there a technology that monitors your eyes to turn up and down automatically when reading? Lin Bin said

in terms of output, Lin Bin said that he also saw many excellent new products. For example, when playing games in virtual reality, wearing glasses is a completely virtual 3D environment. It's completely your own game environment. It's very cool. Microsoft has also developed a cool technology, which can directly frame a virtual scene. Through gesture recognition and human body recognition technology, you can really experience the terminal of watching TV and movies without human control. We also know that a small Israeli company can do a remote operation to monitor the details of your fingers. For example, five fingers grasping, or a fist hitting out, is such a small action, and a combination of various sensors

however, it will take further time for these core technologies to move from the laboratory to the public. During this period, Lin Bin's prediction is five years

Shen Jin believes that it will take longer. In the next 10 years, it will still be a personal information terminal

as a personal information terminal, I believe 10 It has perfect limit protection function, overload, overcurrent protection, automatic shutdown of experimental fracture and other functions. It has replaced the computer. The computer has existed as an information terminal for more than 30 years, and now the pace of technological change is accelerating. However, its position is very good, because it is inseparable from you. Shen Jin said that there is a premise now that there is a major breakthrough in artificial intelligence and interaction. Things like watches are uncomfortable to wear at night. I think they must be removed. A thing that is not perfect will not accept it

Shen Jin also disclosed for the first time that an AI brand will be launched on the next generation chip 820

so what can AI do? Shen Jin gave two examples. First, if you have a group photo with your friends, you need to send the photos to these friends. With AI, you don't need to send these photos to your friends one by one. He can send them separately through image recognition. Second, sometimes we forget to turn on the mute during the meeting, and forget to turn off the mute after the meeting. Now through manual identification, the product knows that you are in the meeting place, and it will automatically mute

AI has been talked about for more than 20 years, but I think the inflection point of AI has arrived. This is the first time we have introduced such a capability. Shen Jin said

machines and data replace people

At the beginning of the opening ceremony, host Liang Dong raised a question: the development of robots has affected blue collar workers. Now this situation seems to be expanding to white-collar workers. Many industries are facing new unemployment due to technological changes

for example, with the development of Qualcomm's technology, I don't think it's necessary to interpret simultaneously or even learn a foreign language in twoorthree or even five years. A headset and headset can communicate with the language of any country. What does this mean to us? Liang Dong said

Shen Jin's answer is that this is bound to happen, but don't be pessimistic, because the pursuit is endless

technological innovation will also put forward new demands. Can translation be able to convey people's emotions and voices outside of people's words 100% in simultaneous interpretation? This is the next step. Shen Jin said

Lin bin believes that the advent of artificial intelligence, as a new generation of fertilizer synergist, is mostly to help individuals improve work and life efficiency

Lin bin shared a case: there are many new technologies that can measure blood glucose without damaging the skin. Google invested in a company that can test DNA through saliva, and can measure the race of the entire ancestor, and whether this race has the probability of disease. If it is actually used, it can be used on wearable devices without blood test. After all these devices are applied, the ability of big data is very strong, which can calculate the physical problems of this person, make long-term predictions, and even take some drugs for treatment

Qualcomm is also considering similar investment projects. Among them, there is a project that can continuously irradiate blood vessels through lasers, and then calculate blood pressure through algorithms. At the same time, peripheral nerves can judge your current emotions, such as anxiety or poisoning fatigue

obviously, big data has become a must, but Lin bin does not recommend that entrepreneurial small companies talk about big data. At the beginning of the company, the scale was very small and there were no resources. To put it simply, you have so much data to buy servers, and you have a lot of money to store. I suggest you start with a user's pain point to solve this point. For example, huami, which we invested in, has pinpointed a pain point. Everyone wants to know their exercise status every day, hope to be healthier, and hope to sleep better. How can we use bracelets to solve this pain point

Shen Jin believes that a further step is the storage of unstructured data. In the past, an article, a financial statement and a photo, for example, structured data is stored in Oracle database. But there are so many blood sugar, sleep or voice clips, how can they be stored very effectively? In fact, the current technology is very mature, and some start-ups are doing it, including a standard called Hadoop to deal with unstructured data

in the end, technology is still to serve people themselves. Lin Bin said, I am also a father. I understand that future technology is to improve people's efficiency. The core is people's communication. Our children especially use Xiaomi TV to play games and videos. They are more familiar with them than I am. Instead, letting them indulge in these technologies will make our next generation ignore people's efficiency. Facing the development of science and technology in the next 20 years, it is actually more people's communication

Shen Jin also believes that with the increasing popularity of high technology, interpersonal relationships are being diluted. How to deal with the real interaction and relationship between people? This needs to spend a little time educating the child. It is suggested that he should do more team games and activities. For example, playing basketball and football together is an interactive game. Now intelligence is common. Everyone plays games all day, including the emotional companionship of virtual space, and so on. The distance between people is widening

Entrepreneurship: pain and pleasure

at the end of the dialogue, Lin bin shared his entrepreneurial feelings in Xiaomi. Previously, he worked at Microsoft and Google for 11 and 4 years respectively

in Xiaomi's five years, he almost never came home before midnight, and often worked overtime from one to two in the morning

everyone thinks that it is completely wrong to have free time to start a business. When starting a business, you are basically the first to arrive at the company and the last to leave. Your negative will make you think that this decision is not what you think when you work. When you start a business, you don't think about yourself, but the whole company and many brothers and sisters who start a business with you, so this is very big. Lin Bin said

if you want to focus on the latest research and development in a very good company, and can do something very invested to find your position on a large platform, large companies are a very good choice. But if you can resist the pressure and pressure, the fun of starting a business is great, which can't be said. The key to enjoying this process is to relieve your pressure

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