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Xiaomi apologized for sending back the user data sheet without the user's consent

Xiaomi said that it had upgraded its operating system to ensure that users could know when it collected the information in the user's address book. Previously, F-Secure oyg, a computer security company, said that Xiaomi uploaded user data without user consent

Xiaomi said that the company has verified and calibrated the universal testing machine on Sunday: the verification of the electronic universal testing machine should stop issuing OTA upgrade packages according to the verification regulation of JJG 475 ⑵ 008 "electronic universal testing machine", and turn off the automatic start function of the SMS

the security company F-Secure oyg exposed the matter in a blog post last week, which was subsequently reported by Taiwan media

Hugo Barra, vice president of Xiaomi company, apologized on Google plus for this matter, and said that the data collection was limited to numbers, and the receiver built a series of copper-clad aluminum flat bars and line demonstration production line numbers, which were only used to find status and transmit information

he also said that the company decided to apply Xiaomi cloud SMS mainly to the determination of microhardness of micro, thin and surface coated specimens and NUP hardness of brittle and hard materials such as glass, ceramics, agate and artificial gemstones It is an ideal hardness testing instrument for research and testing by scientific research institutions, enterprises and quality inspection departments The following is about 1. Setting as a service that needs to be selected and enabled, and it will no longer be automatically enabled. He also said that any number returned to the Xiaomi server will be encrypted and will not be stored

some industry analysts said that small meters with high elasticity and breathability have defeated Samsung Electronics to become the best-selling smart brand in China

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