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Xiaomi group was awarded the certification of Schneider electric energy efficiency data center model project

Schneider Electric, a global expert in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, joined hands with Xiaomi group, a leading domestic Internet enterprise, to hold a certification and awarding ceremony for energy efficiency data center in its newly completed Xiaomi Industrial Park. By providing intelligent products and solutions, including medium and low-voltage power distribution equipment, uninterruptible power supply, precision refrigeration and supporting cabinets, smart UPS, Schneider Electric has successfully helped Xiaomi build a safe, reliable, green and efficient data center that can perfectly match the functions of this important and clear experimental machine, Xiaomi's business changes and future development needs. This project is a typical application of Schneider Electric's ecostuxure architecture and platform in data centers of interconnected industries and regional edge data centers, which also provides a model for users in other industries to build a new generation of green data centers

Li Gang, director of the channel management and marketing department of Schneider Electric's key power business in China, and Wang Haizhou, vice president of the Information Technology Department of Xiaomi group in line with gb6112 (5) and gb11548 (9), attended the licensing ceremony of the energy efficiency data center

Xiaomi company was officially established in April 2010. It is an Internet company with, intelligent hardware and IOT platform as the core. After several years of development, Xiaomi has become a representative enterprise in the domestic Internet industry. Xiaomi's new mobile Internet Industrial Park covers an area of 340000 square meters, costs 5.2 billion, and can accommodate 16000 stations. Intelligent facilities can be seen everywhere in Xiaomi Industrial Park, including face recognition barrier, entry route planning, visitor license plate recognition and other management systems. In the working environment, intelligent canteen, automatic lighting, meeting reservation system, etc. also provide efficient office experience for employees. The data center and it infrastructure not only undertake the technical support of the smart Park, but also provide technical support for Xiaomi's huge business system as one of Xiaomi's global business convergence and distribution centers

Wang Haizhou, vice president of the Information Technology Department of Xiaomi group, said: Schneider Electric has complete and rich data center products and solutions. At the same time, our two sides also have a high degree of agreement in the concept of green data center construction. At the beginning of the design and construction of the data center, we joined hands with Schneider Electric to adopt many innovative ideas and designs. Schneider Electric is undoubtedly our ideal one-stop partner

as an expert in digital transformation in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, Schneider Electric pays close attention to the development and needs of customers in regional edge data centers, and is committed to providing assistance for the digital construction of customers in all walks of life. In this project, from the data center building to the floor it machine room, Xiaomi group has adopted Schneider Electric products. On the premise of ensuring the stable operation and maintenance of the data center, it has improved the operation and maintenance efficiency of the entire data center and helped it achieve the goal of green energy conservation. Finally, the pue value of the entire data center has reached 1.31, truly realizing the set goal of safe, reliable, green and sustainable development

Xiaomi data center

based on this, Xiaomi group data center was awarded the certification of Schneider electric energy efficiency data center. Schneider electric energy efficiency model project was upgraded to energy efficiency data center certification in 2017. The purpose of this project is to find excellent models that meet the technical specifications and energy efficiency management certification in the industry, so as to build a platform for exchange and reference in the industry

Li Gang, director of channel management and channel marketing department of Schneider Electric's key power business in China, said: as a leading enterprise in China's Internet industry, Xiaomi group data center is a future oriented data center, which is very representative and forward-looking. We and Xiaomi group not only coincide in scientific and technological innovation, but also share a common green pursuit. Energy efficiency data center certification has built a platform for customers with a green development vision to exchange and learn from. I believe that our green circle of friends will become wider and wider in the future

internal display of Xiaomi data center

in the project of Xiaomi group data center, Schneider Electric provides products including:

power system - MGE Galaxy 7000 series UPS

in the low-voltage power distribution system, the power supply mode based on energy-efficient high-frequency UPS + mains power is adopted. This combination saves more than 10% energy than the traditional dual UPS power supply mode, and saves the control of the experimental process and the storage of data that can be completed by external computers Investment in printing supporting batteries

air conditioning and refrigeration - precision air conditioning equipment

at the end of the refrigeration system, Schneider Electric provides precision air conditioning equipment for Xiaomi data center. By selecting high-efficiency and energy-saving sinking EC fans, it can save more than 20% energy compared with traditional air conditioning fans. The power distribution adopts two-way distribution access, and the double power switch automatically switches, which effectively controls the energy consumption of the refrigeration equipment and ensures the high reliability of the system

cabinet selection -- Precision column head cabinet

Schneider Electric chooses to use precision column head cabinet on the cabinet. The wiring adopts the upper wiring method, and the wiring in the cabinet adopts the method of separating strong and weak electricity, so that the PDU and network wiring are set separately without interference, so as to enhance the convenience of operation and maintenance and the aesthetics of wiring, and ensure that the wiring maintenance does not have a negative impact on the internal heat dissipation of the cabinet

hbn products -- smart Surt series products

a large number of Schneider Electric Surt series products are used in the floor data center (power distribution room) of Xiaomi group to protect equipment and key data from costly interruption by reliably and efficiently providing reliable network power. For enterprise servers, storage devices and networking devices with a higher upper limit, this series is the most popular UPS in the industry, and has long been regarded as a model of reliability and manageability

power supply safety - low voltage distribution box and okken intelligent low voltage distribution cabinet

Schneider Electric okken intelligent low voltage distribution cabinet adopted by Xiaomi group data center provides a guarantee for the safety, reliability and efficiency of power supply

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