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Talking about the technical innovation and improvement of multi-function hydraulic control valve

Abstract: This paper briefly describes the improvement process of the structural design of the key parts of the multi-function water pump control valve and hydraulic control valve: the rubber diaphragm, the main product of Hunan Zhuzhou South Valve Co., Ltd., and through structural innovation, the diaphragm type multi-function water pump control valve with the highest pressure rating of 6.4Mpa in China has been produced, filling this domestic gap, And the huge economic and social benefits brought to the enterprise through the improvement of the old model product structure. Many people in the venture capital industry said that technological innovation is the scientific truth for the rapid development and expansion of enterprises. And on the existing basis, the author has improved the rubber diaphragm again, and developed a multifunctional water pump control valve with a higher pressure rating of 10MPa

Hunan Zhuzhou Nanfang Valve Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise recognized by the Provincial Department of science and technology, and is also a leading enterprise in the production of hydraulic control valves in China. Multifunctional pump control valve and hydraulic control valve are the company's leading products, which are widely used in municipal, petrochemical, steel, mining, irrigation and other fields. The company has edited a number of industry standards. It is a famous enterprise in the valve industry that produces hydraulic control valve series with the largest nominal diameter (DN1200) and the highest nominal pressure (pn64). It has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, and the multi-function water pump control valve has won the title of Hunan famous brand product and Hunan famous trademark

the hydraulic control valve of Zhuzhou South valve has advanced overall structure, safe and reliable operation, high degree of automation and good effect of eliminating water hammer. Since it was put into the market, it has been continuously recognized and praised by users. Its products are sold all over the country and exported to Europe, America and Africa. With the continuous expansion of the company's production scale and market demand, the product specifications and pressure levels are also increasing. By 2003, the pressure level of the multi-functional and hydraulic control valve produced reached 4.0Mpa, and the maximum specification also reached DN1200. But at this time, the problem is also constantly exposed, which is mainly reflected in the key parts: the rubber diaphragm seal. There is a leakage problem in the pn2.5-pn4.0mpa pressure level, which has been criticized by customers, making our after-sales service work into a passive situation. Without breaking through the technical difficulties on the rubber diaphragm seal, it is no longer possible to develop a hydraulic control valve with a higher pressure level. For this reason, the company is troubled from top to bottom, Looking for ways to break through this technical bottleneck

status before improvement:

1. The rubber diaphragm structure is disc-shaped, which is applied to the hydraulic control valve of pn1.0-pn4.0mpa

2. When it is used for PN25 and PN40 pressure levels, the assembly labor intensity is high. When tightening the connecting bolts on the diaphragm, it is necessary to add a force increasing sleeve at the wrench end

3. For the ex factory PN2.5MPa PN4.0MPa hydraulic control valve, after users use it for a period of time, leakage often occurs at the diaphragm position, and the problem still cannot be solved after tightening the bolts. Users have a headache, and we are helpless

4. The cost of after-sales service is high, and the service personnel are tired of running around the country

in the middle of 2003, I accepted the work of developing a new DN200 pn6.4mpa multi-function water pump control valve, which is used as a supporting valve for shansandao gold mine of Shandong gold group. At that time, there was no such product available in China. According to the technical situation of our company at that time, the smooth delivery of products cannot be achieved without breaking through the technical difficulties on the diaphragm seal. In order to overcome this technical obstacle, I selected a simple, economical, safe and reliable best scheme in the drafting of several structural improvement schemes and applied it to the development and design of new products. After completing the design, we put it into the production and processing of parts in time. At the final assembly site, the operator reported that the assembly was convenient and labor-saving, and there was no need to tighten the connecting bolts at the diaphragm by means of force adding sleeves, which greatly reduced the labor intensity. The final product delivery pressure test is carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of national standards, whether it is 1.5 times the strength test or 1.1 times the sealing test. In full view of the public, the diaphragm seal has reached the ideal state of no leakage. Then, we disassembled the valve, carefully inspected each part of the diaphragm, and found no abnormal phenomenon. Then, we did the factory pressure test again according to the standard, and the result was that the diaphragm seal was still watertight. At this moment, it was a great relief to overcome the technical difficulties. Everyone cheered the unforgettable moment of the birth of the highest record on the domestic diaphragm hydraulic control valve

improved condition:

1. An annular seal ring is added to the original diaphragm structure

2. The sealing position of the diaphragm achieves the ideal condition of no water leakage regardless of the pressure

3. Greatly reduce the labor intensity in the assembly of hydraulic control valves above PN25

4. We have broken through the technical difficulties of diaphragm leakage of high-pressure hydraulic control valves that have plagued us for a long time, and laid a solid foundation for the development of hydraulic control valves with higher pressure levels

subsequently, it was beneficial to develop new products with customers. The company made technical improvements to the diaphragm structure of all specifications of hydraulic control valves. Soon after, we successively developed the pn6.4mpa multi-function water pump control valve of DN100, DN150, DN250, DN300 and DN350, which has been applied to many large enterprises in China and has been widely praised by users

after the breakthrough of diaphragm technology, we carried out technical improvement and structural optimization on the valve body structure of the multi-function and hydraulic control valve produced in early 2006. Before that, some users of domestic water supply companies reported that the resistance loss of our DN800 PN1.0MPa and other hydraulic control valves was large, which had an impact on the improvement of economic benefits of enterprises in terms of energy consumption. According to the opinions of users, we have carefully studied the characteristics of the product, looking for the crux of the resistance loss and the best way to overcome it. I used the powerful modeling function of pro/e software to draw a complex three-dimensional solid model of dn400-dn1200 old valve body, and used the advanced fluent CAE software to carry out the finite element analysis and simulation calculation of the flow field. By observing and analyzing the pressure distribution cloud diagram and velocity vector diagram in the flow field and the simulation calculation results, we found the crux of the problem of large resistance loss, and improved the design of the valve body structure, An improved dn400-dn1200 multi-function valve is newly designed. Through the finite element analysis and simulation calculation of new and old product models, it is found that under the same conditions, the resistance loss of new products is significantly lower than that of old products, and the velocity vector and pressure distribution in the flow field are significantly improved. The application of new simulation technology has brought immediate results to optimize our product design

then, the improved dn800-ii multi-function valve manufactured was applied to a water supply company in Huaihua City, Hunan Province, an enterprise with the same specification as our company. The practice of customers after use proved that the resistance loss of the improved new product was reduced from the original 1.8 m water column to less than 1.0 m water column at the flow rate of 2m/s, and the energy consumption was greatly reduced. When it was opened, the original large noise was eliminated to the noise of the new product, It has been highly praised by users, produced good social benefits, and the economic benefits of users have also been significantly improved

since then, we have received a lot of demand from users for improved new products. From May 2006 to the first half of this year, we have provided 117 high-quality multi-function valves and other hydraulic control valve products for all parts of the country only in the sales of improved products of DN800, creating an industrial output value of more than 10 million yuan, which has brought huge economic benefits to the enterprise

at present, based on the DN200 pn6.4mpa multi-function valve, I have made new innovation and improvement on the structure of the rubber diaphragm, designed the development of the DN200 PN10 quality management system, and realized the quality trend analysis, quality early warning control, raw material quality tracking analysis and other functions. The multi-function water pump control valve with a higher pressure rating of MPA has passed the technical review, and will be applied to a large domestic coal mine soon after production, It will also create a new brilliance in the history of hydraulic control valves in China, and further consolidate our leading position in domestic hydraulic control valve technology

in the past few years since the middle of 2003, our company has used the above diaphragm and valve body improvement technology to produce multi-function and hydraulic control valves, creating an industrial output value of 200 million. It is widely used in a variety of industries and large enterprises across the country, and plays an important role in national economic construction. Technological progress has not only brought fruitful results to our company, but also played a positive role in promoting the development of hydraulic control valve technology in China. I deeply feel that the market price of domestic mines operates stably, and that technological innovation, application of new technologies, and technological transformation of old products are of great use in many domestic valve enterprises. The continuous improvement of product technology content has bright development prospects for reducing energy consumption, improving product work efficiency, and improving the overall grade of China's valve products

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