Talk about the past of caterpillar Qingzhou factor

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Talk about the past of caterpillar Qingzhou factory.

from only 22 employees to having multiple product lines,

from small workshops set up in county towns to advanced manufacturing factories,

with more than 60 years of development, caterpillar Qingzhou factory has moved from simple sheds to the world stage

today I'll take you to punch in Qingzhou factory and talk about the development path of Qingzhou factory in the past few years.

started by small factories.

in 1958, a few restless young people started from scratch and built a small factory Mihe Lianhe factory with only 22 employees on a wasteland. At first, the factory only produced small agricultural tools, and then gradually began to produce agricultural machinery. The evolution and development of caterpillar Qingzhou plant has kicked off

In 1976, with the acceleration of national construction and development, entrepreneurs seized the opportunity and resolutely devoted themselves to the research and development of loader products. In May of the next year, the first loader product jz425 wheel loader of Qingzhou factory (then called Mihe agricultural machinery factory of Yidu county) was successfully trial produced and successfully entered the loader market

at this time, caterpillar is in China. First of all, we must know which tolerance groups are applicable to the plastic used to seek more development opportunities. The same pioneering spirit and dedication to helping customers create greater value have laid the foundation for the cooperation between Shangong machinery (hereinafter referred to as Shangong with a width of 15 ± 0.1mm) and caterpillar after the development of the experimental machine industry in China for several decades. In the following decades, with several classic wheel loaders, Shangong loaders gained a place in the domestic construction machinery market. Qingzhou factory also ushered in the first leap forward development estimated to need 20billion yuan

Qingzhou factory embarked on the road of internationalization

in 2003, Shangong machinery, which is eager for greater breakthroughs, signed a letter of intent with caterpillar, which hopes to show its ambition in the Chinese market. In 2008, SMMC became a wholly-owned subsidiary of caterpillar and officially changed its name to Caterpillar (Qingzhou) Co., Ltd. in 2013. Since then, the internationalization of Qingzhou factory has been opened. The brand products of Shangong machinery have also become the representatives of Caterpillar's practical products

relying on caterpillar's advanced technology, caterpillar Qingzhou factory has successively developed roller, grader and other mountain machinery brand products to provide customers with more complete solutions. In particular, the mass production of cat (Carter) 950gc loader in 2013 and its success in the market strongly proved that caterpillar Qingzhou factory has significantly improved its manufacturing capacity and quality control, and also laid the foundation for the success of the dual brand strategy. Subsequently, the introduction of a number of Cat brand products and mining business further enriched the product categories of Qingzhou factory

by fully learning and promoting caterpillar's advanced production and management experience such as 6Sigma, CPS (caterpillar production system), lean (lean production), caterpillar Qingzhou factory has gradually achieved excellent management and performance results in terms of personnel, quality, speed and cost, and won the excellent operation award in 2019

fleeting years are not negative, and the future can be expected

on the occasion of the 45th Anniversary of Caterpillar's development in China and the 95th anniversary of caterpillar,

caterpillar Qingzhou factory is willing to continue to walk hand in hand with doers and help customers create a better world

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