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Talking about the performance of KBA waterless newspaper printing machine

can it improve the printing production efficiency, reduce the environmental load and improve the printing quality at the same time? This seemingly impossible dream has now been realized by the first user of KBA waterless newspaper printing machine. The concept of waterless printing has been introduced for many years, and now this technology is gradually making promising progress. Krause biogosch GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of this innovative technology. The new film blowing machines produced by this film blowing machine machinery manufacturing industry include sheet film blowing machine, PE foam film blowing machine, multi-layer composite film blowing machine, color bar film blowing machine, heat shrinkable film blowing machine, etc. the company has developed a new plate making machine specially designed for water free printing machine, which has high production efficiency. The combination of torque motor and linear motor accelerates the whole process of automatic exposure, It realizes the coordinated operation with the waterless printing machine

if a printing machine can shorten the printing time of newspapers and still complete the task on time, it has a significant competitive advantage, because it can delay the deadline of newspapers, so that the published information is more real-time. This requires the new printing system to be faster than the traditional printing machine

at the same time, fierce competition has prompted publishers to keep their printing machines running 24 hours a day, including accepting printing tasks from other publishers and some printing advertisements. This means that printed matter needs to be replaced more frequently. Shortening the circulation cycle of newspapers is an overall trend. Therefore, in addition to high production efficiency, extremely short printing preparation time and high flexibility are also important factors to measure the quality of a printing system

however, improving printing efficiency must not be at the expense of printing quality: consumers hope that the four-color printing process can continue to be used for printed products. On the other hand, it is a new trend for newspapers to become the same size as magazines. Small newspapers can make it easier for readers to read, and if the image resolution remains the same, the point pixels will become clearer, which is like the closer the audience sits to the TV screen, the clearer the picture is. Therefore, if the image quality provided to the reader remains the same and the format becomes smaller, the definition of the image will be improved

waterless printing improves printing quality

unlike traditional offset printing, waterless printing is a new printing method without fountain solution. In the traditional printing process, the fountain solution forms a uniform water film on the blank part of the printing plate to resist the ink on the text infiltrating into the blank part and prevent the dirty version. However, in anhydrous printing, the silicon substrate replaces the fountain solution, thus reducing the use of water and chemical raw materials, and avoiding the phenomenon of inking water or being affected by solvents. This can improve the printing quality and form more bright colors on the printed matter. Anhydrous printing can reduce the start-up time of the equipment and reduce the printing error rate related to the printing plate (in offset printing with water, the new materials that need to be pre created after the equipment is started make this idea possible, and heat the color to the desired saturation). In addition, the waterless printing system is not easy to get dirty, does not need to be cleaned frequently, and is almost free from the corrosion of organic solvents. Most importantly, it eliminates the environmental pollution caused by wastewater in traditional offset printing

first class CTP plate making machine: x-jet

the plate making machine used in water offset printing cannot be used for water free printing. However, Krause company, which is famous for the newspaper prepress system, has designed a CTP (computer to plate) direct plate making machine for gaobao Cortina water free printing machine: Krause x-jet plate making machine has excellent violet laser imaging technology, accurate imaging quality and fully automated plate processing technology

from the beginning, our goal is to improve production efficiency so that the printing plate output can be synchronized with the printing machine even faster, said Thomas Richter, technical director of Krause biagosch GmbH. X-jet is a modular plate making machine: the maximum plate processing format is 640940mm, and the fastest processing speed is 260 plates per hour

positioning accuracy 2 m

the laser system can generate 64 laser beams to expose the printing plate installed on the drum. When the imaging drum rotates, the linear motor drives the laser system to scan synchronously with the drum axis. The same 4 of roller and laser beam is to solve the development problem of different kinds of materials by classification. The step accuracy must reach 2 microns to ensure that the light spot imaging and exposure head movement are carried out synchronously, Richter explained

the high torque servo motor from bekale can provide the required positioning accuracy for this task. Acopos servo driver is used to control the movement of this motor, and another servo driver controls the linear motor. Unlike many other equipment manufacturers, we have long adopted direct drive technology and benefited from its many advantages, Richter said. By providing our customers with high productivity jiayirong tmemi ⑵ 00, due to its special structure and ultra-high mobility, high quality and highly automated equipment, we can defeat our competitors, including famous international giants such as Kodak and Fuji. If we do not use the most advanced technology, then this is simply impossible to achieve. For several years, our partner baccalais has been expanding their most advanced automation product series to provide us with good support and services

highly automated and simplified operation

the earliest successful cooperation between the two sides can be traced back to the early 1990s, when baccalais provided Krause with an unparalleled new product: smart panel B r power panel with integrated touch screen function. At that time, only baccalais could provide this device, which replaced many functions performed by mechanical structures in the past, and greatly improved the automation of the equipment, Richter concluded. The improvement of automation and the resulting improvement in operating comfort are also vividly reflected in the latest x-jet plate making machine design, as the manager of Krause company emphasized: users expect to continue to reduce the difficulty of equipment operation, reduce the operator's operation threshold, and even operate unattended. This means that the device must use a control display system to integrate more and more functions. The unified automation solution from baccalais is the foundation to achieve this goal, and it can also reduce costs

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