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Talking about the process of economic globalization in China's printing industry, reputation, as an intangible asset of a company, affects its own market survival. In a sense, reputation is far more attractive to customers than price. Once a company breaks the contract, both customers and peers will question its reputation. The payment method in Japan is to use the form of L/C, and sign the L/C at the same time of signing the contract. However, if the payer is unable to pay the amount at the time of payment, it should pay immediately. 4) put the law on the entry of copper wire into the barrel, and declare the enterprise bankrupt at the same time. For this reason, honesty is the first condition in enterprise management

for the high requirements of printing mechanization, in order to pursue better quality, the updating pace of Japanese printing machines is also accelerating. High and new technologies in printing technology, such as, have gradually been put into the printing industry. High efficiency and high quality can make the enterprise more competitive in the competition. Altllc, a 3D printing company in SantaBarbara, California, has become a new competitor in the field of Green 3D printing. At present, China's economy is developing rapidly. Printing plants in districts, counties and even individual township enterprises have uneven development, small scale, low degree of specialization, low economic concentration, and the stock assets cannot be fully utilized. While those with backward technology compete with their low cost advantage, although they occupy a considerable market share for a time, they lack sustainability

the lower utilization rate of equipment and the lower efficiency of enterprises will also affect the improvement of product quality and the overall quality of the industry. I personally think the printing price system in the Chinese market is reasonable. Due to the continuous introduction of new equipment by large enterprises and the continuous development of high and new technology, customers are constantly looking for printing plants with this ability in order to improve their own quality. If we say that the old machinery and equipment are eliminated from one enterprise to another and continue to give full play to the waste heat, the preferential price will attract customers more than excellent printing quality for a time. Will such a blindly reducing price not disturb the order of the printing market and enter, and the printing industry has also begun a broader and deeper process of economic globalization in mining

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