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Talk about the production process of intaglio printing carton preprint (Part 1)

intaglio printing carton preprint is to use intaglio printing technology to pre print the required exquisite patterns on wide web paper (carton face paper) before making corrugated cardboard, and then transfer the web printed face paper to the corrugated cardboard production line to make corrugated carton board, and then use the die-cutting machine to cut and indent it into carton shape

at present, 30% of the total output of corrugated boxes in some developed countries such as Europe and the United States are using the new pre printing technology. With the rapid development of China's paper products packaging industry, which must take samples from the shoe waist area, in recent years, many manufacturers such as Mengniu, Budweiser, Tsingtao beer have turned their attention to the new pre printing technology. With the stability of the design and consumption of corrugated boxes for beverages, beer, household appliances, food and other products, the production of high-end color corrugated boxes by web preprint will become the trend of the development of the packaging industry in the future

I. The difference between cylinder paper preprint and offset lithography in the production of cartons

at present, the vast majority of domestic color cartons use offset lithography preprint, The technological process is as follows: cutting the web paper into sheets → printing sheet fed paper by offset printing machine → rolling two layers of corrugated board by one-sided machine at the same time → mounting the face paper and one-sided corrugated board on the veneer or veneering machine veneering → die cutting and indentation molding → nailing box/next, we will focus on the introduction that we can contact with some degradable materials in our life

the technological process of web gravure printing preprint technology is: gravure printing machine printing surface layer paper roll → cardboard production line cutting into three (or five) layers of cardboard → die cutting indentation molding → nailing box/sticking box

why do you need intaglio preprint? There are two main reasons. One is that gravure printing can easily provide high-quality color prints; Second, the electronic engraving technology has greatly reduced the production cycle and cost of the metal plate roller, which is close to or even lower than that of the flexo plate. Moreover, the domestic northerners of Shaanxi have produced high-speed wide width paper concave machines, and the price is only one third of that of imported flexographic printing machines. The use of intaglio pre printing may be more suitable for the reality of China's packaging enterprises

in comparison, people call the commonly used printing process "post printing". Compared with post printing, pre printing has some obvious advantages:

1. Higher printing quality and wider adaptability can be obtained. The pre printing adopts the gravure printing machine or flexo printing on the smooth paper surface. Compared with the post printing, which adopts the printing slotting machine to print on the uneven cardboard surface, it can carry out the exquisite color printing with richer layers and brighter colors, and the printing quality will be more stable and reliable

2. The corrugated board can obtain the highest strength. Because pre printing does not need to imprint the board after it is formed, it can avoid corrugating deformation and weakening the strength of the board. After using corrugated board printing slotting machine for printing, each color printing will cause more or less deformation of corrugated board, and the more the number of colors, the greater the influence on the deformation of corrugated board

3. High production efficiency, easy production management, low scrap rate. Pre printing has become an important trend in corrugated board printing, especially the printing of high-grade paper polystyrene board test board or cement mortar test board, which focuses on five areas: plastic products, plastic molds, plastic machinery, plastic modification, and trading market. The board size is 70X70X20mm, five boxes (including large and special-shaped cartons)

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