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Then talk about the transformation and upgrading of CNC system (Part 2)

the transformation of the z-axis of the right tool rest. Replace the original trapezoidal screw (63103600 mm) with imported Rexroth ball screw; Remove the light bar drive and increase the servo motor drive; Repair the z-axis guide rail; Repair the z-axis pressing plate and inlay strip

design and manufacture the electric control system of machine tools. Fanuc 0it CNC system is selected; Choose FANUC AC digital servo motor; Select the national equipment manager to check the low-voltage electric control components produced by joint ventures; Design and develop machine tool control logic diagram

finally, electromechanical joint commissioning of machine tool. Adjust the x-axis and z-axis of the machine tool; Debug the geometric accuracy of the machine tool; Adjust the coordinate accuracy of the machine tool, and use the dual frequency laser to detect the accuracy of each axis. Carry out the auxiliary function commissioning of the machine tool and run the machine tool at idle speed for 36 hours continuously

after the transformation, the performance of the machine tool is stable and reliable. After more than a year of production verification, it meets the transformation requirements. Foreign made products with 1million yuan also have many deficiencies. The transformation cost is only equivalent to 1/15 of the purchase of new CNC machine tools, which saves a lot of money for users. The machine tool has made great efforts for the spiral case of hydropower equipment produced by the plant, creating an output value of tens of millions of yuan

problems needing attention in NC upgrading

what kind of machine tool is suitable for NC upgrading and remanufacturing? Experience has proved that the transformation effect of vertical and horizontal lathes (especially large vertical and horizontal lathes), gantry milling upgrading CNC gantry milling, gantry planer upgrading CNC gantry milling, horizontal boring and milling machine upgrading CNC horizontal boring and milling machine, and vertical and horizontal grinding machine upgrading CNC grinding machine is relatively ideal

the upgrading and transformation of NC must first redesign and remanufacture the mechanical part of the machine tool to meet the requirements of NC. Simply adding servo motors and numerical control systems cannot achieve the purpose of upgrading. Therefore, the following work should be done:

replace the original trapezoidal screw with ball screw to improve accuracy and reduce friction; Grind, scrape and grind the guide rail and stick plastic or directly adopt linear rolling guide rail; Refine the spindle system and improve the accuracy of the spindle; Design automatic cooling and chip removal system to improve the automation of machine tool; If necessary, add a tool changer mechanism tool magazine manipulator; Design and manufacture automatic lubrication system

the numerical control system and servo system should be determined and selected in the transformation. The more functions of the CNC system, the better. The price of the system with more functions is generally more expensive. Domestic systems and imported systems should be selected according to needs. It should be admitted that there is still a gap between the current domestic system and the imported system, and the imported system is generally preferred for large-scale high-precision equipment. However, in recent years, the domestic system has made great progress and can be reliably used for general lathes and milling machines. The AC servo motor should be selected first

it is also very important for the selection of remanufacturing CNC upgrading contracting companies. To choose qualified companies, the current remanufacturing industry is still very irregular. The asking prices of different companies for the transformation of the same machine tool vary greatly, sometimes as much as times; The existing performance of the contracting company shall be investigated; We need to go to the contracting company for on-site investigation. By setting a movable gripper seat on the rack, those companies that do not have a fixed site for solstice aerosol propellants used for aerosols and do not have a stable technical team can not engage in remanufacture. A good remanufacturing enterprise should have strong electromechanical design ability and certain processing and manufacturing ability

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