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Talk about the ups and downs of the dash cam market in 2016

Abstract: the dash cam has been on the market for a long time, and the specific year is unclear. Previously, the recorders produced in China were mainly exported to foreign countries. Until 2011, the sales volume in the domestic market exploded like a blowout. At that time, due to several "porcelain bumping" hot events in the society, car owners changed their minds and took the initiative to defend. At that time, it was also the golden development period of the dash cam industry

Uncle Lei Feng did good deeds without leaving his name. He kept a diary privately. Recently, I heard that the diary could not prove his innocence because he helped an old lady who fell down and suffered a lawsuit. At this time, he needed a dash cam to help. Introduce today's protagonist -- dash cam with a humorous and ironic passage. Let's take stock of the ups and downs of the dash cam market in 2016

recorder's past and present life

dash cam has been on the market for a long time, and the specific year is unclear. Previously, recorders made in China were mainly exported to foreign countries. Until 2011, the sales volume in the domestic market exploded like a blowout. At that time, due to several "porcelain bumping" hot events in the society, car owners changed their minds and took the initiative to defend. At that time, it was also the golden development period of the dash cam industry. So far, the domestic market of dash cam has gone through five spring, summer, autumn and winter, but it is still firmly in the top position in the automotive electronics market

analysis of recorder brand attention in the first half of 2016

the dash cam itself is not high in technology. Although now the functions are diverse, the main body is the camera with memory card, and the threshold is relatively low, so many small brands can enter the industry. However, the recorder industry is also very fast. It is not easy to continue to work hard and enrich product categories. Therefore, from the data analysis, the brands with a real high share are "old brands" that have been in the industry for many years and persist

various aspects of the recorder

dash cam is produced from manufacturers, passed through channel dealers and agents, and finally reached consumers. It is mainly divided into three links, which is also the traditional offline sales mode. When I went to Auto Parts City, auto supplies stores and exhibitions, I saw a variety of manufacturers, dealers and consumers in the dash cam industry


the search results of JD mall dash cam sales show that the top five seats 360 occupy three places

on May 28, 2015, 360 launched its first dash cam

in November 2015, Xiaoyi dash cam under Xiaomi launched crowdfunding

360 is the leader of domestic anti-virus software, while Xiaomi is developing smoothly in the intelligent field. These two major Internet technology companies have entered the dash cam industry one after another. After graphene was discovered in 2004, it quickly triggered a worldwide research hot advantage and brand influence, undoubtedly making the recorder industry more competitive. However, at present, it seems that 360 dash cam has achieved good results, while Xiaoyi is unknown

dash cam has low technology content and low entry threshold, which has spawned a lot of brands. Some small manufacturers of recorders are shoddy, fighting price wars and vicious competition. Although they have achieved certain sales, they have reduced the experience and use effect of recorders, and eliminated some companies that really do a good job in products. The market is chaotic, and consumers have no choice. 360 and Xiaomi seize the psychology of consumers and let consumers pay for it with their own brand influence to win market share

dealer article

in order to provide readers with accurate product quotations, we have traveled all over Beijing's auto parts cities, large and small, and visited many dealers. Some dealers are very enthusiastic. They can sit down and talk about the market situation, and have also been shut down. However, the vast majority of dealers show numbness to the market

in the cold winter of the economic environment, coupled with the impact of e-commerce on the entity, the life of recorder dealers is not easy, most of them can barely maintain, and some dealers withdraw their stalls. Take Auto Parts City as an example, the majority of repair and maintenance businesses usually sell tachographs on a commission basis to earn some price difference; The specialized electronic product dealers, mainly wholesale, have stable sales, which is relatively better

user article

dash cam is not a fast-selling product, and consumers will carefully consider and compare it before purchasing. At present, shopping is the main consumption mode, which is fast and convenient. When shopping, you can compare the appearance, price and configuration at a glance. Some consumers who go shopping in physical stores have also done their homework in advance and will not be easily fooled by dealers

in the Internet era, with open information and many sources, you can ask Du Niang if you don't understand. You can't help but admit that you're on the production experimental machine

development trend of recorder

a camera, a scheme and a storage unit constitute the main body of the recorder, which is not complex. However, with the increasing demand of users, manufacturers have added various black technologies to their products, which has increased the selling points of products and promoted the progress of recorder products. The recorder has become more intelligent, safer and more diverse

adas driving assistance system (pictures from the Internet)

autonomous driving is a hot topic in the automotive industry. Both vehicle manufacturers and laser radar manufacturers have attracted much attention, and various road tests and local policies have followed. Obviously, automatic driving is a part of vehicle intelligence, and ADAS driving assistance is obviously the intelligent performance of dash cam

at present, the ADAS driving assistance system of the dash cam is relatively simple. Through the shooting of the camera, the information of the surrounding environment can be obtained. Through a certain algorithm, the collision warning and lane departure warning of the front vehicle can be realized. Although the function is relatively simple, it is still very practical in actual use, which increases the safety of driving


with the improvement of users' requirements for the interior decoration of the car, more hydraulic universal testing machines in the ordinary protection mainly include the main engine maintenance. Users choose the hidden tachograph, which does not block the driver's line of sight, and does not affect the space and beauty in the car. Such conditions have spawned many recorders without screens. If users want to view video materials, they need to connect with the Internet

recorder app interface

recorder app setting interface

it is necessary to install the specified app and connect with the recorder through WiFi (there will be no traffic cost). It is also very convenient to set the parameters of the recorder and view the driving video, which is full of personalization and a sense of technology

Bluetooth remote control

some products have an additional Bluetooth remote control, which can be saved manually in case of emergency or shooting needs, which is very convenient and practical

Yangguan road or single wooden bridge

before, many dash recorders were simple in appearance design, similar to card machines, with built-in batteries, which can be used as mobile DV. Recently, some manufacturers have used dash CAM products and added some kits with the products, such as helmet holder, bicycle holder, external battery, waterproof protective shell, etc., which have become sports cameras, and the price has doubled

Sports Camera

but do consumers really buy it? As a recorder user, the author will definitely not use the recorder as a motion camera, involving a series of problems such as the adjustment of the recording angle and installation of the recorder. The author also sincerely hopes that this road can go smoothly, and bring domestic sports cameras to the world and to a new height

recorder industry event

dash cam screens have low profits and small market share in the industry. Due to the continuous losses of medium and low-end screen manufacturers in recent years, some manufacturers have switched to the embrace of flat-panel screens, resulting in a serious decline in the output of dash cam screens and a comprehensive rise in the price of dash CAM products in August this year

take the 4.3-inch screen for example, the purchase price has more than doubled from the original 19 yuan to the current 40 yuan, and this price is not likely to get the goods. Wool comes from sheep, and then from dealers to consumers, the increase of each product is about 50 yuan, and the final variety is imposed on consumers

competitive products in the market

smart rearview mirror

the emergence of smart rearview mirror undoubtedly intensifies the competition of recorders. With rich and practical functions, coupled with the advantages of connectivity, the Android based operating system makes it easy for people to use. Although the amount of smart rearview mirrors at this stage is not very large, which has not caused a fatal blow to the recorder, more, more practical and more fancy functions have indeed earned enough attention. The future price decline is bound to steal a considerable number of users of the dash cam, and further depress the price and profit space of the recorder

comments: 2016 is nearing the end. Under the background of the bad market economy, the dash cam industry has also encountered a cold winter. In fact, difficult times are the best time for the industry to eliminate the false and retain the true, eliminate those "cancer" manufacturers and improve the overall quality of products; Large manufacturers should concentrate on products, break the siege of smart rearview mirrors on dash cam, and wait for the market to improve

the author YY, will the government introduce relevant policies in 2017? Like tire pressure testing products, the whole vehicle must be equipped with a dash cam before leaving the factory, so the aftermarket is mainly facing the market stock vehicles. After all, the use of tachograph in China is very important. The policy forces the installation of tachograph, so that every car has a recorder. The cumulative drop in June is 60 yuan/ton, then the "porcelain bumping party" will be completely unemployed, and the unhealthy atmosphere in society will disappear

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