Talk about the popularity of micro corrugated pack

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Talk about the popularity of micro corrugated packaging

micro corrugated packaging is popular. Here is a brief introduction to several obvious characteristics and advantages of micro corrugated packaging and several popular industries

1 the batch of computers replaced now will never have some problems before Offset direct printing makes the micro corrugated packaging and printing more exquisite and more showable. In foreign countries, more and more industries begin to use micro corrugated packaging as sales packaging. Not only the traditional food, toys, household appliances and other industries use a lot, but also many industries that need high-end external packaging, such as handicrafts and gifts, begin to use micro corrugated packaging. The use of offset direct printing micro corrugated cardboard improves the grade of products

2. As a lining to replace the traditional cushioning material, micro corrugated board can not only protect the environment, but also increase the compressive strength

now, many perfume and cosmetics such as Lancome Chanel are lined with micro corrugated board, which not only improves the compressive strength of packaging, but also improves the grade of packaging. Many digital and small household electrical appliances are lined with micro corrugated cardboard to replace the traditional cushioning material EPE EPS, etc. Because the micro corrugated board is formed in one piece and the high-strength corrugated base paper is selected, it is more cost-effective and environmental friendly

3. Micro corrugated board is used to make corrugated board display shelves, which saves transportation costs

micro corrugated board is thinner, better printability and more exquisite printing, making it a better choice for making display packaging. In foreign countries, due to the high die-cutting accuracy of the mechanical equipment itself, when making corrugated board display shelves, we not only use corrugated board at the support, but also widely use micro corrugated board such as F, G, n to replace the traditional PVC board, so that the whole corrugated board display shelf is lighter, convenient for transportation, easy to recycle and lower cost

at present, in addition to digital products (including digital cameras, MP3 and CD digital recorders, USB flash drives, computer motherboards, etc.), the industries that use more micro corrugated packaging in China also have applications in the fields of small household appliances, snack foods, frozen food cosmetics, health products, wine, cartons and pallets. Due to the large number of electronics and small household appliance production enterprises, the printing and packaging industry in the southern region is relatively developed, Therefore, there are many applications of micro corrugated packaging in southern China

in foreign countries, the scope of application of micro corrugated packaging is more extensive. In addition to the above fields, it is also widely used in alcohol, small appliances, shoes, hardware tools, microelectronic products, computer software, counter sales displays, fast food and other fields. Haier, Motorola, Kodak, Siemens, Sony and other more than 30 enterprises have summarized the competitive advantages of micro corrugated packaging in the eyes of users as low cost, good seismic performance, high compressive strength, exquisite printing and other advantages

for carton enterprises, the edge shape is becoming thinner and the market is becoming wider. Now there is a trend of using micro corrugated packaging in the industry. Making micro corrugated packaging has become a new economic growth point for carton enterprises. More and more users begin to realize the advantages of micro corrugated packaging. Making micro corrugated packaging is the direction of market development and has great market potential. In addition, many export products choose micro corrugated packaging as the outer packaging

1. Household appliance industry

the household appliance industry uses micro corrugated packaging mainly to directly package products with e-corrugated boxes, or to replace the traditional A and b-corrugated boxes with be corrugated boxes. Electric appliance enterprises such as Haier, Feili exterior wall inorganic architectural coating jg/t 26 (2) 002 Pu, Kelon, BenQ, Changhong, Lenovo, Supor TCL are all using micro corrugated packaging

2. Frozen food industry

frozen food such as ice cream now also begins to use micro corrugated packaging. On the one hand, as a sales outer packaging, it requires beautiful and exquisite printing, on the other hand, as an inner packaging, it requires low temperature resistance. Products such as Nestle's Moonlight treasure box, Lu Xue's dry layer snow and AI Lai FA Xi's eight Xi ice cream all use micro corrugated packaging

3. Industry

micro corrugated packaging is favored by manufacturers because of its high compressive strength, slowness, good neutrality and other advantages. Like Motorola, Datang Telecom, Shouxin, Nokia and other enterprises are using micro corrugated packaging

4. Cosmetics industry

now the cosmetics industry also commonly uses micro corrugated packaging. It is very common for Lancome and other companies to use micro corrugated packaging as padding. Now, in addition to theft, there are also products that use micro corrugated packaging directly as outer packaging. The above are several obvious characteristics of micro corrugated packaging and several popular industries

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