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Talk about the pain of the construction machinery accessories industry

[original] after our equipment is bought home, it cannot be maintained and repaired without accessories. During the warranty period, the manufacturer stipulates that the original accessories must be used before enjoying the warranty. After the warranty period, the owner can choose the source of accessories independently

it is roughly estimated that the annual sales volume of the accessories market is 200billion yuan. The huge cake has attracted many manufacturers, companies and individuals to participate. Various accessory channels and uneven quality have made the accessories market disordered. It also brings a lot of trouble and pain to the owners of the geometric coaxiality index based on the reference of the coaxiality index of 0.3mm in jjg269 ⑵ 006 "changing the verification regulation of experimental machines". Expensive Cheap, good quality, poor quality... How should the owners choose? Let's start with the accessories channel

the sources of construction machinery accessories are very complex, including the so-called original parts, OEM parts, sub factory parts, and high imitation parts (car dismantling parts and refurbished parts are not discussed temporarily). Before we understand the pain of accessories, we must first understand what these things mean

original parts, as the name suggests, are the same accessories as the original car. This kind of accessories is the best quality and the most expensive in the post market, because it is almost the same as the accessories assembled by the new machine at the factory. It comes from the same assembly line with those assembled on the new machine, and has the same technical standards and quality. We call it the regular army in the accessories

oem means original equipment manufacturer, commonly known as "OEM". An equipment has tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of accessories. It is impossible for so many parts to be developed and manufactured by the whole machine factory. Therefore, the OEM mode appears. The whole machine factory is responsible for the main design, research and development and standard formulation of the control equipment, and the OEM factory is responsible for producing parts according to the design and standard of the whole machine factory. Of course, the OEM factory is authorized by the whole machine factory. Most of the accessories in the contemporary construction machinery industry are produced by OEM, and these accessories produced in the OEM factory will eventually have two destinations: one is to put the logo of the whole machine factory and send them to the whole machine factory to change the oil source system into the original parts; the other is to use their own packaging to flow into the accessories market, which is OEM parts. The characteristic of OEM parts is that the product quality is the same as that of the original parts (the only difference is that there is no logo of the original factory). Because there is less brand added value of the original factory, the price is generally cheaper than that of the original parts. We call it a mercenary

sub factory parts are also OEM products. The difference between them and OEM parts is that the OEM manufacturer has not been authorized by the whole machine factory, nor does it produce parts according to the technical standards of the whole machine factory. Therefore, sub factory parts are only supplied to the parts market, and cannot enter the door of the whole machine factory. There are many factories in China. They find some commonly used accessories and come back to redevelop molds, make some simple production equipment, carry out workshop production, and then make their own brands and sell them to the accessories market. This kind of brand parts are generally cheap, and the quality is uneven, which is also a good option for those consumers who pursue cheap, because this kind of by-products are at least genuine goods that are on the low-cost and low-quality route. We call it civilian armed forces

high imitation parts refer to the packaging of low-quality accessories into the appearance of the original factory or high-end brand, and selling them as the original factory parts or high-end brand parts. To put it bluntly, this is a fake and shoddy product, which is very terrible. Chinese people are famous for their counterfeiting ability all over the world. The packaging can be confused with the real, which is difficult for even professionals to distinguish. The hardest hit area of high imitation parts is the oil and maintenance market. We call it the fake army

having learned about various accessory channels, we officially began to talk about the pain of accessories. In my opinion, there are three main points, incomplete or wrong, welcome to criticize and correct in the message area

1. Is it really expensive

first, let's talk about how expensive it is! The so-called "regular army" here really refers to the original accessories. The original accessories are often the best in performance matching and quality, and of course, the price is also the most expensive

it is well known that original accessories are expensive, but where is it? My personal views are as follows. Welcome to add

1: R & D and quality control. The R & D cost belongs to the early-stage investment. Before the parts are produced, a lot of human and material resources need to be invested in R & D, design various parts suitable for the whole machine, and submit the drawings to the OEM manufacturer for production. In terms of later quality control, large manufacturers are more stringent than small factories or workshops, which is also a part of the high price of original accessories

2: all kinds of management costs, such as warehousing management, logistics management, personnel management, etc., should be spread into the price of accessories, and profits should also be taken into account. (the profit margin of original accessories is lower than that of sub factory parts and fake and inferior parts)

3: the chain is long, and every original accessories must go through a long chain to reach the machine owner. OEM - Main Engine Factory - branches at all levels - machine owners. In this chain, each link will generate expenses and taxes, and a certain amount of profits will be retained. Naturally, the price rises layer by layer. The longer the chain, the more expensive the price. There are other reasons why original accessories are expensive. Welcome to add

let's talk about expensive and true

you said that you spent the price of the original accessories. Is it really the original accessories that are used on your machine? You said that I saw the after-sales service personnel install the parts on my equipment. How could it be fake

have you heard the story of civet cat changing prince? I believe that a small number of after-sales service personnel will mutter when they see here. Is it possible that the matter has been exposed

this is something I experienced personally. I once worked in a branch of an agent. As a parts warehouse keeper, I was still young at that time. My daily work was to distribute and recycle parts according to the documents issued by the parts sales. I found a problem in my work, and the after-sales service personnel will return parts, especially maintenance parts, air filter, diesel filter, hydraulic oil filter element... The reason given is that the customer is so elongation ε ? Font-family: Arial; FONT-SIZE: 12pt "There are parts in the house, and the parts given to others have not been used up. At first, I believed it, because it was very common to give parts at that time, but when I saw them loading maintenance parts from the nearby parts store and eating and drinking after finishing work, I understood... Then I left there. This was also ten years ago. I heard that after-sales personnel no longer do this kind of operation, and most of them rely on technology to eat.

that's it Is it the so-called expensive and true

during the next maintenance, remember to check the accessories first, although you may not be able to distinguish the true from the false...

this is the second point that follows

2. The appearance is difficult to distinguish the true from the false, and the quality is uneven

accessories are basically divided into original parts, OEM parts, sub factory parts, high imitation parts, etc. just said that the original parts are expensive, so many machine owners will choose OEM parts or sub factory parts after the equipment is insured

1: it is difficult to distinguish the true and false appearance of the original parts and fake and shoddy parts

2: the quality of the auxiliary parts is uneven

let's talk about the original parts and high imitation parts first. Most of the original parts are still much better in packaging than the high imitation parts. You can find clues by careful discrimination. However, the appearance of some high imitation parts is more exquisite than the original ones

some people say that the accessories of the manufacturer have anti-counterfeiting marks, and I can recognize them at once. That's because you don't know how serious the fraud is. Now the appearance fraud has reached the point of confusing the fake with the real. Sometimes even teachers can't distinguish a high imitation accessory into a real accessory, or a real accessory into a high imitation accessory. There is also a part of the civet cat Prince exchange just mentioned, which is not limited to maintenance parts, but also other accessories

high imitation parts bring us the greatest harm, and sometimes it is difficult to prevent them. In some businesses, the boss will remind you when you buy them, this is cheap, but I don't guarantee the quality. However, some unscrupulous sellers will also sell high imitation parts to consumers as original or sub factory parts, which is impossible to prevent

let's talk about OEM parts and sub factory parts. OEM parts are actually the favorite parts of machine owners, and they are basically the parts with the largest sales volume. Because their quality is no different from the original parts, but the price has a great advantage

the auxiliary parts have their own regular manufacturers, but there is a slight difference in quality, that is, the quality control is not good, some can be used for a long time, and some are broken quickly. Most of the selectors of this kind of accessories are those who operate on a small scale and often care about operating costs

there is another interesting phenomenon here. I believe many friends have also encountered it. Many original accessories, the main engine factory does not have a warranty period, while the auxiliary parts can give a long warranty period. For example, if you take this part back if it breaks down within half a year, I can replace it for you

what kind of accessories do you use most now

3. The phenomenon of counterfeiting is serious, and it is difficult to crack down on counterfeiting.

driven by interests, fake and shoddy products are fully adjusted in a wide range of experimental speed. Every year, local industrial and commercial departments are constantly investigating and dealing with fake and shoddy accessories, and some industrial enterprises are also actively participating in exposing counterfeiting events, but the trend of accessories counterfeiting is still prevalent everywhere

this is the largest local counterfeiting dens (mainly Heli special oil, heli pressure plate, friction plate, heli filter element, etc.) that was actively promoted by Heli accessories and assisted Longpan technology to destroy in Hejian, Hebei Province recently

as another example, since 2011, (China) has launched a storm of crackdown on counterfeiting, which has really brought great positive effects to the industry. In July 2012, Doosan, together with the administrative departments for Industry and Commerce in Nanchang, Baotou, Yantai, Jinan, Dongguan and other places, and other law enforcement departments, carried out a nationwide special treatment of counterfeit Doosan components, cracked down on five manufacturers that produce and sell counterfeit products, and recovered customers' direct economic losses of more than 1 million yuan

of course, the crackdown on counterfeits should not only rely on manufacturers, but also rely more on consumers and users. Most consumers think that the price of original parts is high, and they are unwilling to buy original parts. They can choose OEM parts or sub factory parts appropriately, but fake and shoddy parts must not be touched, otherwise they will regret it

having said so much here, I actually want to tell you that the accessories market is very deep, but there are also some rules to be found. If you know nothing about accessories, you'd better buy original parts or OEM parts directly; If you want to save money, then buy auxiliary factory parts, preferably perishable parts that do not involve safety; As for high imitation and refurbished parts, it is impossible to prevent them. Irregular channels or extremely tempting prices may allow you to buy fake goods. It is best not to take advantage of small bargains

there are many things that are not good or wrong. You are welcome to leave a message for criticism and correction


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