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Problems and Countermeasures of electronic products packed in cartons (Part 2)

(VI) saving procurement, storage and transportation costs

there are also many ways to reduce product costs: on the one hand, we can control costs through internal throttling, and reduce scrap rate and loss through continuous improvement of technology in the production process; On the other hand, try to reduce the price of raw materials and auxiliary materials. In terms of warehousing and transportation, a large warehouse close to the customer can be rented and transported to the warehouse at one time to reduce the high cost caused by multiple transportation. These experiences are to seek benefits from management

in order to reduce the cost of cartons, enterprises can implement zero inventory. The carton factory provides storage services to save storage and transportation costs. In terms of procurement methods, a new method of quarterly procurement is implemented, and the price is reduced through batch procurement. Qingdao Jiali packaging creates a packaging and logistics culture with three-dimensional storage, and uses air compression tray plastic tightening film to wrap the cardboard, so as to prevent moisture, dirt, softness and deformation, and ensure the use quality of cartons

(VII) three parties in the supply chain work together to control costs

from the change of raw material procurement mode, the change of box type design, to the cost saving of all links in the carton production process (such as printing, die-cutting and other processes), to the comprehensive cost control of management and so on, and finally work together with end customers to change the unilateral control cost of carton enterprises into the joint control cost of papermaking enterprises, carton enterprises and end users in the supply chain. Optimize the existing supplier structure, maintain competitive prices, and guide the centralized procurement structure to improve quality and reduce control risks

from the perspective of supply chain, carton enterprises should coordinate the relationship between upstream enterprises and downstream end-user enterprises in the industrial chain, achieve Trinity, realize the ideal state of operation from raw material supply to finished product delivery, improve the operation efficiency and quality of the whole system, and establish a standard procurement and supply model. Establish cooperation mechanism between upstream enterprises and paper mills; Establish an interactive mechanism with the ink factory; Establish a business mechanism with the plate factory. Downstream end-user enterprises and customers establish a strategic partnership with integrity and win-win cooperation, and create the lowest total system cost with the most negative attitude, high-quality materials, effective information and thoughtful services. With the increasingly fierce competition in the global economic market, the form of single fighting between enterprises in the past no longer exists. Instead, it is a test ready competition between supply chains composed of customers, suppliers, R & D centers, manufacturers, dealers, service providers and other partners based on the principles of collaborative commerce, collaborative competition and win-win. The larger the scale of the supply chain an enterprise participates in and the higher the operation efficiency, the stronger the competitiveness and vitality of the enterprise

suppliers are the most direct factors that affect the operation of the enterprise's production and operation system outside the enterprise, and they are also one of the key elements to ensure the quality, price, delivery time and service of the enterprise's products. Therefore, modern enterprises have realized the important influence of suppliers on enterprises, and take the establishment and development of cooperative relations with suppliers as the whole business strategy of enterprises, especially as an essential part of production and operation strategy

(VIII) other measures to improve technical quality:

1 Easy to open packaging can be adopted for domestic and foreign sales, the structural design and cost design of cartons can be optimized, and the proportion of base paper and core paper can be reasonably selected, so as to be in line with the development trend of international packaging

2. The strength of the carton is the life of the carton, the corrugating roller is the "heart" of the corrugating machine, and the paste and latex are the "blood" of the corrugating machine. Therefore, using the corrugating stick and paste automatic control system with cobalt based tungsten carbide coating can reduce the waste cardboard, reduce the product defect rate, control the process quality, improve the speed, prevent the cardboard from deformation and bending, reduce the amount of starch, improve the paper utilization rate, reduce the corrugating rate, and thus reduce the cost of the carton

3. Strengthen the packaging function of the carton, and take good waterproof effect, crack resistance effect, cardboard bonding effect, 3. The sliding surface of the contact between the inlaid steel plate and the lining plate, and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate should be kept clean, such as the eating paste line of the corrugated, as measures to improve the efficiency of the corrugated machine and the quality of the cardboard

for domestic carton enterprises, it is very important to solve the moisture-proof problem of cartons. The countermeasures are: using high-performance paper base paper; Apply a layer of waterproof coating composite microporous wax on the surface of paperboard that has no impact on the product; Polish or stick plastic/film on the surface of the carton (on the premise that it will not adversely affect the product quality); For exported fruits and vegetables and other products, they should be put into cold storage as soon as possible after packaging; In addition, we should also strengthen our understanding of transportation means, methods, destination climate and environment

III. The development prospect and space of flexographic printing technology in household appliances and other industries

as a representative of the world trend of packaging printing, flexographic printing technology is one of the most important printing techniques in the 21st century. Flexographic printing technology has developed rapidly abroad, especially its obvious advantages in improving the environment. Especially in the printing of packaging materials, flexographic printing accounts for 70% of the packaging market in the United States, 35% of the total printed matter in Europe, and continues to develop. Flexographic printing has a trend of surpassing lithography and gravure printing in the printing market share of the packaging industry. Therefore, in the United States, this printing technology is called packaging printing. It is considered as "the best and most promising printing method on earth" in developed countries in Europe and America. According to the latest estimates, more than 90% of corrugated cardboard in foreign countries is printed on flexographic machines. Flexographic printing accounts for about (4) US $90billion in the packaging and printing industry in the United States. In Canada, it is estimated that the emergency stop button is pressed, accounting for 2.5% of its GOP, about US $20billion

flexographic printing integrates the characteristics of flat, concave and convex printing processes in the aspects of negative production, supply mode and printing method before printing. It is very suitable to print 150 lines, 6 ~ 8 colors or more high brilliant color prints. The ink layer thickness of printed matter makes the product have the characteristics of rich layers and bright colors, which is especially suitable for the requirements of packaging and printing. In particular, flexographic post printing is a low-cost high-quality carton printing scheme; It has the following characteristics: 1 Consistent and precise overprint accuracy; 2. Be able to flexibly accept orders in various batches; 3. Low scrap rate and low cost; 4. No matter the size of the carton, the thickness is uniform and shaped; 5. Fast and low-cost order replacement; 6. Simple process flow and operation mode; 7. Large output, fast speed and high return; 8. It is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving printing method, providing technical support for the upgrading of carton packaging

at present, the printing of corrugated boxes for electrical packaging is mainly based on flexographic watermark. The printing board is mainly divided into resin and rubber board. The price of the sample broken by the drop hammer of the resin board per square meter is generally between 2200 yuan and 3500 yuan. For two-color to four-color printing, the plate making cost of a set of packaging cartons is generally between 4000 yuan and 8000 yuan. Flexographic printing plate adopts flexographic laser digital resin format to improve the accuracy, dot, resolution and printing volume of overprint, prevent color difference and achieve a beautiful three-dimensional feeling. If a resin plate with a thickness of 3.94mm is used for printing, the production cost of the flexible plate per square centimeter is about 0.093 ~ 0.16 yuan. If the printing plate is made by ourselves, the cost can be saved by 40 ~ 50%

(Note: This article is part of the manuscript of the special speech of the 2005 corrugated paper and cardboard box Market Forum. The measures of carton enterprises involved in this article are also applicable to cartons in dairy products, beer, beverage and other industries.

source: China Packaging

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