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Problems and Countermeasures of printing enterprises in the publishing industry (III)

2 Give full play to the advantages of regional printing resources

the development of Publishing Industrialization in Jilin Province will inevitably drive the development of printing industry in the province. India and the first-rate asset-based brush enterprises should seize the opportunity of the development of publishing industrialization

funded by the government, it takes the lead in creating a leading enterprise in the province, injects funds into promising printing enterprises, obtains scale benefits and improves product quality through excellent technical equipment. Other printing enterprises rely on characteristic management to make the printing industry of the province enter a virtuous circle of development, and strive to regain the printing business that was lost to the South and expand market share

3. Change the concept and realize that some of the transmission systems of experimental machines on the market now adopt reducer pressurization

from the current situation of printing enterprises in our province, they simply do not have the ability to compete with the international market at present. However, enterprises should be full of confidence, rely on the support of the government and make full use of policies. Relevant information shows that among more than 100 WT0 member countries, only about 20 countries have opened their cultural product markets to the outside world. It is expected that the printing license system will continue for some time in the future, but it cannot be implemented forever

printing enterprises should take advantage of this time, seize the opportunity, carry out substantial reform and opening up, prepare for WTO entry, and enter the international market. Although this is not easy, it is not impossible. Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan have long entered the international market. This also shows that to develop the printing industry, we must face the international market and constantly expand ourselves

4. Strengthening management

the internal reorganization of printing enterprises is a step in the system reform of the publishing industry. In the process of reform, through the establishment of a modern enterprise system, enterprises will become legal entities and market competition subjects that operate independently, develop independently, self restrict and assume sole responsibility for their own profits and losses. At the same time, we should further deal with the relationship between reform and management, promote management with reform, consolidate the achievements of reform with management, and promote development

the technology of printing 1.5875mm steel ball brush in the new century will advance by leaps and bounds. Digitization and networking are the mainstream of the current development of international printing technology. Management should continue to expand, incorporate new situations and problems, actively adopt computer network management, start from the foundation, implement standardized, standardized and data-based operations, and establish a quality assurance system. In a word, when management goes up, there will be talents, quality and benefits

The first 10 years of the 21st century is a period of further development and improvement of China's socialist market economy, and it is also a critical period for the structural adjustment and integration of publishing industrialization. All enterprises, including the book printing industry, will enter the market on the basis of the principles of market mechanism

as a cultural publishing enterprise, the publishing house will instinctively adjust its role according to the market mechanism, break the boundaries of direct factories, ownership and regions, and send textbooks, books, transmission safety magazines and other books and periodicals to those book and periodicals printing enterprises with large scale, strict management, precise equipment, good quality, short cycle and low cost. Therefore, the publishing and printing industry should establish a market view, develop itself as soon as possible, and win a place in the international market. (end of full text)

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