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Problems and Countermeasures in the development of Jiujiang packaging industry in Jiangxi Province

in recent years, Jiujiang packaging industry has maintained stable and sustained growth, and has made great progress compared with itself. However, compared with other cities with good packaging industry, such as Shantou, Zhongshan, Wenzhou, Rui'an, Tongcheng, Xiongxian, etc., there is a large gap in Jiujiang City in terms of the number of packaging enterprises, production scale, product types, product quality, market sales, average annual output value, etc., and our packaging industry will significantly lag behind the plating layer around the corrosion hole. In order to speed up the development of Jiujiang packaging industry, this paper tries to make the following analysis on the problems and Countermeasures in the development of Jiujiang packaging industry

I. the development status of packaging industry in Jiujiang City

1, lack of overall layout. Due to the lack of reasonable planning and layout of the packaging industry in the city, the whole industry is in a disordered state, and there are too few backbone leading enterprises, enterprises with large production scale and high-grade products. Judging from the situation of more than 100 packaging enterprises in the city, the general business scale is small, the production level is not high, the technical content is very low, blindly copying without innovation ability, and they are at a disadvantage in the market competition. The profit margin of enterprises is relatively small, and their ability to resist market risks is weak. From the perspective of product structure, the product structure is single and lacks high-end products, which cannot meet the market demand. In general, compared with developed regions, Jiujiang packaging industry is obviously lack of competitiveness in product research and development, performance, quality, reliability, service and so on

2, lack of technological innovation. Due to the low profit of the packaging industry, it is difficult to attract excellent technical talents, resulting in uneven talent teams, weak ability to independently develop products and innovate, let alone digest and absorb the advanced technology of similar foreign products. Only in terms of Jiujiang packaging product development, because some enterprises do not pay attention to independent innovation, their self-development ability is very weak, and the scientific research funds account for only 1% or even less of sales, while in foreign countries, it is as high as 8% - 10%, so many manufacturers fail to produce one generation, develop one generation, and study one generation. The products have been consistent for almost years, and repeated imitation has become the main means of production. Unable to develop new products, enterprises naturally lack competitiveness

3, the production cost increases. In recent years, due to the rising price of raw materials, the increase of workers' wages, peer competition and other factors, these factors not only lead to increased production costs of products, but also make it difficult to increase the sales price of packaging products, and some even have to be reduced. For example, in recent years, in the production of corrugated boxes in Jiujiang, the production and operation profits of most enterprises have basically maintained at 5% or less. The supply prices proposed by some users have made our packaging enterprises unprofitable or even negative profit. Through this seminar. If you accept it, the enterprise will have the risk of losing money. If you don't accept it, you may lose important customers. However, our enterprises often encounter such a dilemma in the face of severe energy and environmental challenges. These conditions not only affect the production and operation of enterprises, but also restrict the development of packaging industry to a great extent

4, lack of financial support investment. At present, Jiujiang packaging enterprises generally have problems such as difficult borrowing, high financing costs, and complicated procedures. There are three main financing channels for Chinese Enterprises: listing and issuing stocks, issuing bonds, and bank loans. Many packaging manufacturers in Jiujiang are mostly small and micro private enterprises. Due to their small production scale and low output value, it is impossible to meet the listing requirements, and the issuance of corporate bonds is strictly controlled by national policies, so it is difficult to obtain approval. Therefore, many packaging manufacturers in this city can only rely on the single financing channel of bank lending. However, it is not easy for commercial banks to lend. They not only dislike the poor and love the rich, but also set some additional conditions for private manufacturers, such as the corresponding proportion of deposits, the purchase of financial products, mortgage guarantees and other hard requirements. This is not only too high a threshold, it is difficult for packaging enterprises to get loans, but also increases the comprehensive cost of financing. According to the "financing development report of small and micro enterprises mainly applicable to plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials" released by relevant national departments at the Boao Forum not long ago, 59.4% of small and micro enterprises nationwide said that their borrowing costs were between 5% and 10%, and more than 40% of small and micro enterprises said that their borrowing costs even exceeded 10%. It is estimated that the financing cost of small and medium-sized enterprises in Jiujiang is generally higher than the above proportion. Due to the lack of capital investment, many packaging enterprises are unable to increase new products, expand business scale and carry out technological transformation projects

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