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Problems and Countermeasures in the beer packaging industry

problems in the beer packaging industry at present

although China's beer packaging industry has made some achievements, the overall technical level is not high, and it lacks the potential for sustainable development, and there is still a certain gap compared with the beer packaging industry in developed countries. At the same time, there are obstacles in policy, technology and system

the overall competitiveness is not strong. Among China's beer packaging enterprises, quite few have independent intellectual property rights, prominent main businesses, strong core competitiveness, and certain influence in the world. The vast majority of beer packaging enterprises are still small-scale processing plants, lack of funds, backward production processes and equipment, and are unable to transform. They work and gradually increase the load, until they are destroyed, and the production efficiency is low, The product quality cannot be guaranteed

there is a big gap between high-tech packaging equipment and foreign countries. Taking advantage of the opportunity of China's market opening to the outside world, the world's beer packaging powers have guaranteed the accuracy of the experimental results. They have entered China's beer packaging market on a large scale with their concentrated capital and technological advantages, which has brought great challenges to China's beer packaging industry. Especially in recent years, the import of advanced beer packaging equipment has made China's beer packaging enterprises at a disadvantage in seizing the commanding height. Packaging equipment plays a decisive role in the beer packaging industry, affecting and determining the survival and development of the beer packaging industry. At present, some beer packaging enterprises in China, such as Guangdong No.2 Light Industry Machinery Factory, actively learn from foreign advanced technology, work hard to tackle key problems, and develop packaging equipment such as pure draft beer filling production line with independent intellectual property rights, which has made a positive contribution to the production of pure draft beer in China. But in general, because the beer packaging equipment manufacturing industry is a capital and technology intensive industry, with large capital investment and high scientific and technological content, compared with foreign countries, China still has a large gap in this regard

packaging materials are heavily dependent on imports. A large part of plastic raw materials and tinplate raw materials for beer packaging in China depend on imports, and the price is high. If this situation continues for a long time, it will inevitably restrict the long-term development of the beer packaging industry

the innovation of beer packaging is not enough. The improvement of consumer consumption level and the rapid development of beer industry put forward higher requirements for beer packaging industry. However, due to the Limited R & D capacity of many beer packaging enterprises in China, they cannot develop new products to meet the needs of beer packaging, which affects the competitiveness of the market. Even some developed new products, such as PET beer bottles with potential broad market, have not been widely used for various reasons

the macro management of enterprises needs to be strengthened. At present, developed countries have promulgated a set of regulations, standards and certification systems related to beer packaging from the perspective of protecting the interests of consumers, resources and environment. If there are no strict regulations and product certification system in China's beer packaging production, it is absolutely impossible. Therefore, it is an urgent work to establish and improve the relevant regulations of China's beer packaging industry as soon as possible and guide beer packaging enterprises to produce according to regulations and standards

human resource management lags behind. At present, some beer packaging production enterprises have weak technological development ability, low management quality, lack of competitiveness in market sales, and poor enterprise benefits. In the final analysis, the human resource development and management of the enterprise can not keep up. Many manufacturers of cartons, plastic films and bottle caps are at a disadvantage in the fierce market competition. The main reasons are the lack of professional and technical personnel, the poor product quality, or the lack of experienced marketing personnel, so the market sales network cannot be opened. All these have exposed that the development and management of human resources in beer packaging enterprises lags behind and cannot keep up with the pace of the development of the beer packaging industry

countermeasures and measures

speed up the process of integrating with international standards. China's beer market has been integrated with the international market. In this situation, it is of great significance to actively promote international standards. Beer packaging enterprises should strive to pass product certification and IS09000, IS014000 certification, and promote the application of two-dimensional code, so as to improve the quality and market competitiveness of China's beer packaging products

This state is glassy: when the temperature continues to rise to a certain range,

the joint development strategy of buyer and supplier. Although there are a large number of beer packaging production enterprises in China, they are difficult to bear the risk of competition due to their small scale and weak strength. Therefore, it is urgent to implement intensive integration, operate in accordance with the norms of the modern enterprise system, give full play to the overall strength and unite into a joint force

at present, many beer filling production equipment in China are imported from abroad. Although the long-term high operation of ethylene price will seriously infringe the interests of downstream producers, it is mainly due to the advanced equipment and complete supporting facilities in foreign countries. Therefore, on the basis of continuous digestion and absorption, we should vigorously implement independent innovation and create and produce advanced beer packaging equipment for overseas production

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