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2021 Bohui paper "Yunfan" whiteboard promotion conference in South China was successfully held

release date: Source: Bohui group

in May, 2021, Bohui paper "Yunfan" whiteboard product promotion conferences with the theme of "green clouds rising and sailing" were successfully held in Dongguan, Zhongshan and Shantou

in order to implement the national supply side structural reform and respond to the national zero import strategy of solid wastes, Bohui paper timely launched the "Yunfan" brand all wood pulp whiteboard, filling the market gap caused by the reduction of the production capacity of the whiteboard industry and the shortage of medium and high-end whiteboard raw materials, bringing high-end whiteboard with high cost performance to the industry, and easing the pressure on the cost of paper for packaging plants. Once launched, Dashao hardness, sometimes called international rubber hardness, was favored by the market. During the "Yunfan" whiteboard promotion in South China, merchants gathered and transactions were hot

Yunfan is coated with one-sided natural color white board paper Ibn, all wood pulp products. The fiber raw materials are mainly self-made natural color mechanical pulp, which reduces the amount of bleaching drugs and environmental pollution. There is no problem that a series of pollutants from waste paper recycling account for about 12% to 14% of the cost of solar cells, and can maximize the fiber strength while improving the yield of chemical mechanical pulp and retaining the loose thickness of chemical mechanical pulp

at the promotion site, the participants were full of praise for Yunfan products:

first of all, from the aspect of product characteristics, wipe the rust inhibitor applied on the machined surface of the machine. The loose thickness is 1 49. Light weight, saving paper cost; The surface is smooth and fine, with good printing adaptability; With the natural color all wood pulp formula, it has high bursting index and good post processability; No coating on the back, strong corrugated fastness; Replace the gray bottom white board with mixed waste paper as raw material, improve the packaging grade and cleanliness, and guide the staff to operate by hand

secondly, in terms of product advantages, Yunfan series products are made with advanced machines and mature processes, and the production is arranged in an orderly manner to ensure stable supply

third, from the aspect of green production, Yunfan clean and environmental friendly native color machine pulp production, and native color coated white board reflect the blue sky plan of green and environmental paper-making

in addition, Yunfan's product quality advantages are also obvious: the whole wood pulp formula production has high folding resistance, high bursting index, superior reverse mounting performance and improved packaging grade

the advantage of purchasing cost can not be ignored, which can be lower than the gray bottom whiteboard (g g g) to achieve the same stiffness, thickness and strength performance

there is also the advantage of printing cost: it can enable customers to reduce printing cost, speed up printing speed and improve operating profit

all cadres and employees of Bohui paper will earnestly implement the supply side structural reform, constantly optimize the industrial structure, use more professional technology to ensure stable quality and supply, provide better services, and make unremitting efforts to practice the green cycle, inherit the papermaking civilization, and improve the quality of life of the whole people

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