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The 2020ites Shenzhen industrial exhibition ended perfectly, baichaodinang made a great appearance to attract attention, and baichaodinang made a great appearance to attract attention. In order to revitalize the industry, provide manufacturing enterprises with surging power for development, and build a cooperation platform for efficient industrial manufacturing exchanges, from September 1 to September 4, 2020, ites Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition and the 21st Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition were grandly opened in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an new hall)

for a long time, Shenzhen industrial exhibition has been actively exploring the direction of industrial development. This exhibition is a kind of measuring instrument, personalized innovation technology and solutions for the digitalization and intellectualization of different industries. It focuses on the innovation achievements of advanced manufacturing industry and brings together the world's top industrial chains such as high-precision production machinery and equipment, industrial automation, smart factory solutions, artificial intelligence robots, mold processing machinery and equipment

baichaodi was invited to the core theme exhibition - metal cutting machine tool exhibition, focusing on providing complex processing system solutions for precision machining, aerospace, rail transit, military manufacturing and other high-end and sophisticated industries with few transactions during the festival, jointly discussing the new market trend after the epidemic and aiming at the direction of technological innovation

in this exhibition, baichaodinang exhibited d-soar plus series ultra-high power fiber laser cutting machine and d-win series professional pipe cutting machine. The former is the flagship product of Baichao Dineng, which integrates laser technology, numerical control technology and precision machinery technology, and can realize automatic, fine and rapid cutting of metal materials. The latter adopts the latest self-developed bus type CNC laser tube cutting system, which is a special tube cutting equipment with high automation, high efficiency and high cost performance. The exhibition of these two heavy products has been widely concerned and affirmed by exhibitors

d-soar plus ultra high power fiber laser cutter

d-soar plus ultra high power fiber laser cutter is an upgraded version of d-soar series, which can cut 0 Mm carbon steel, stainless steel, brass within 40mm, aluminum plate, galvanized plate and other metal materials are carefully configured for high-end customers. They are characterized by higher cutting precision, faster speed, simpler operation and lower cost

d-win professional laser pipe cutting machine

baichaodinang professional laser pipe cutting machine is a product developed for the profile and pipe cutting market. It adopts a creative self-developed bus type CNC laser pipe cutting system to realize the control of pipe support device, chuck, etc; It is a special pipe cutting equipment with high automation, high efficiency and high cost performance, which can meet the cutting, opening and contour cutting of pipes and profiles such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc

at the exhibition site, the professional technicians of Baichao dinang also solved the processing difficulties for customers, provided customized solutions including processing technology, machine selection, on-site commissioning, technical guidance, after-sales maintenance and other contents, and provided customers with all-round services

since its establishment, Shenzhen dinang Laser Technology Co., Ltd. has always been guided by market demand, focusing on the R & D, production and sales of fiber laser cutting machines according to the processing objects in different fields and customer requirements. After years of glamour, the company has strong core competitiveness in the field of laser cutting machines in China. In 2016, the company established a joint venture with Swiss Baichao laser group, and the brand was officially renamed Baichao Dineng

at present, baichaodinang has a production base of more than 30000 square meters, a professional team of laser technicians and experts, integrated international cutting-edge laser technology, and closely cooperated with world-famous device manufacturers such as Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom to develop and produce a series of laser cutting equipment with high electro-optical conversion rate, which can make various shatterproof items, unique beam optical quality and stable performance

the world of great controversy is based on precision manufacturing. Baichaodi can learn more about the details of the experimental machine. Please also pay attention to more developments of our company. We are already ready to perceive the market direction and make outstanding innovation. In the future, we will use more advanced and mature laser cutting system solutions for metal plates and pipes to further cultivate the road of development and promote industrial R & D and innovation

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